Grunge Innovator Would “Still Love To” Collaborate With Chris Cornell

Being a major King’s X fan for decades by this point, I’ve been lucky to been able to interview members of the group over the years – including a recent chat with the group’s singer/bassist, Doug Pinnick, for the BraveWords site. During one of our earlier chats, Pinnick mentioned that once upon a time, he and Chris Cornell discussed a possible collaboration, which as of yet, has not come to pass. But Pinnick would still like to see it happen one day. Take a gander at this snippet of the interview:

BraveWords: I remember when I interviewed you a while back, you mentioned that you and Chris Cornell have discussed working on a project together from time to time. Would you still like to work together?

Doug Pinnick: “I’d still love to. I haven’t spoke to Chris in a couple of years. Every now and then, he changes his phone number and doesn’t tell anybody, and give him another year, and he’ll get back to you. So I’ll get a message from him, going, ‘Is this Pinnick?’ I’ll go, ‘Who’s this?’ And he’ll go, ‘Cornell!’ And we’ll start chatting again. You know how those super rock stars are – they have to change their numbers all the time. I don’t have to – I’ve had the same number since 1985!”

BraveWords: I always thought that would be an interesting pairing, because similar to you, Chris Cornell also has a soulful voice – as heard on the Temple of the Dog material.

Doug Pinnick: “Oh yeah – we’re huge fans of each other. We love each other’s voices – we always tell each other that. It would be fun.”

You can read the rest of the interview here (in which Pinnick gives an update regarding if King’s X plans on recording a new studio album), and also catch the band live, as they are currently playing shows in the U.S. (check out a listing of the dates here).

Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament once said that “King’s X invented Grunge.”

  • nomad

    I agree, they could sound great together.