GLUM Reveals Renowned Producer For Upcoming ‘Anhedonia’ EP

As previously reported, GLUM is an up-and-coming grunge rock group from Winchester, UK. The trio of frontman Rory Nash, bassist Callum Waldron, and drummer Jack Douglas, have been working on their debut EP titled Anhedonia. While struggling to find a producer for the release, the band has finally found the perfect fit.

Known for his work with Noel Gallagher, Bloc Party, Blood Red Shoes, and more, producer Ben Hampson will be recording the EP at Brighton Electric Studios. You can listen to demos of the tracks below under the EP teaser. GLUM’s kickstarter campaign is only but a few days from completion, so now is the time to contribute and pre-order your EP. Click here to view the Kickstarter page.

Asylum (demo):

Life’s Been Better (live):

Cocksure (demo):

Breeding Ground (demo):

Not Here to Stay (demo):