According to Wikipedia: “On February 26, 2011 Tulin collapsed while helping out at the Avalon Underwater Clean-Up in Avalon, California. Baywatch Avalon and Avalon Fire Department medics responded immediately, but he could not be revived and was pronounced dead.”

Tulin was best known for his work with The Electric Prunes in the 60’s.  Tulin played with Billy Corgan and Dave Navarro in the short lived supergroup Spirits in the Sky in 2009, and later became the temporary bassist of the Smashing Pumpkins in 2010 while the Pumpkins searched for a replacement for Ginger Pooley.

Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan said the following on his Twitter page regarding Tulin’s passing:

Just got some horrible news, my brother and good friend, Mark Tulin of the Electric Prunes passed away today. I am really sad!

“We just had lunch with Mark 2 days ago in Los Angeles + we were discussing recording a new song for the Prunes 🙁 he will be missed by many!”

Smashing Pumpkins producer Kerry Brown also commented:

“i can’t fix this one. RIP Mark Tulin a great bass player, friend and band mate. We were getting ready to record the Prunes new song this week. I’m in shock.” sends it condolences to the Tulin family and his loved ones during this difficult time.

  • Guy

    Yeah that sucks, but it’s sad that when someone dies, they get a eulogy on twitter. I don’t think someone deserves text-talk to describe them. However, I can tell Willie tried his best to make it formal.

  • Aaron

    man that blows, RIP