Smashing Pumpkins frontman William Corgan had some bad things to say about his former webmaster in a recent interview, claiming that he fired him.  The former webmaster Paul supposedly claimed in a chat room that he was not fired, and supposedly had some unflattering things to say about the Smashing Pumpkins’ legendary frontman according to board member cellarlily:

I wish I had saved a transcript. Basically, PMM (Paul) stated this is the first time he heard he was “fired.” His contract ended and both parties were interested in parting ways so they did. Billy asked for this and that, wanted to change things, somehow make money off the website to pay for PMM’s salary, but all ideas PMM presented didn’t take off and he couldn’t do much because he needed content with which to run certain ideas.

Also, Billy once played “G.L.O.W.” acoustic for Paul at his house and said something creepy when he was leaving about being such an evil genius … something along the lines of “I really am something great, aren’t I” but with that Mr. Burns look on his face with his hands steepled.

There was a lot of venting and talk of behind-the-scenes conversations and decisions. Maybe/hopefully someone else in chat was able to log it all. Was fairly interesting to get the other side’s response.

  • David


  • Murphy

    Mr. Burns and Billy look alike lolz

  • Mills

    No Willy you’re not great at all. Nowhere near great. Eddie Vedder is great. Jerry Cantrell is great. ChriS Cornell is great. Layne Staley was great, and so was Kurt Cobain.

    You’re an ass.

  • Chris

    Mills is great – I bet your ‘favvv’ c cornell album was produced by Timbaland…

    This article is great – Supposedly, claiming to be some guy, in a chat room… And then this random, supposed, internet dude says this stuff and you all respond to it like BC said it himself, to your mother. Lol, you guys crack me up.