Former Mars Volta Frontman Claims Velvet Revolver Hired & Fired Him

Former Mars Volta frontman Cedric Bixler-Zavala claimed on Twitter last night that he is Velvet Revolver’s new lead singer in a clear attempt to hoax the rock media. Cedric’s girlfriend Chrissie Carnell tweeted, “I want to be the first to congratulate @cedricbixler_ on his new gig as the new lead singer of Velvet Revolver! So proud of you, baby!”  Hours later Cedric joked that he’d been fired.

Cedric sent out the following tweets regarding ‘joining’ the band:

It’s going to take some work but we will do ATDI covers when I start singing for velvet revolver. @SPINmagazine

Just out curiosity guys ….How many scarves should I hang from my mic stand ? #welcometothechankla #velvetrevolver #newsinger #cronuts

Listen to velvet revolver’s new single “Welcome 2da Chankla” streaming exclusively @pitchforkmedia featuring me @cedricbixler_

Derek Jeter just sent me a congratulatory gift basket in honor of my new gig as Belvet Revolver’s new front man. #rarewines #andfinecheeses

From now on all u suspicious bitchez shall address me as Mr VelvetDeer #newsingerofVelvetRevolver

Um……… I …….uhm ……..I just got kicked out of V e l vet Re volve R

Wait ! they called me back. I’m headed back to th’ studio for another sweet sesh’!

Hold up tweetple my bad, they wanted me ta pick up my silky ass scarves.

Velvet Revolver fired Scott Weiland in April 2008 when he decided to reunite with Stone Temple Pilots and have searched for a new singer off and on in the ensuing 5 years.  The band reunited for a one off performance with Weiland in Los Angeles in January 2012.  Weiland was fired by Stone Temple Pilots earlier this year and replaced by Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington.

  • Sam

    Are you serious? You obviously know NOTHING about Cedric. This is his sense of humor. It was a joke. Do your research next time. Come on, dude.

  • Mandingo

    Dude maybe you should pay attention , its very clear he knew it was a joke ! its says so at the top

  • Brett Buchanan

    Did you read how I wrote the article?

  • Raj

    At the Drive In, One-Armed Scissor is a great song.

  • Boom

    Boom need to find Bass guitar to hit head with. Boom listening to some Blur right now Boom love Blur almost as much as Oasis. boom out!

    • Boom Boom

      Have you progressed to Menswear yet?

  • Lou

    Kind of sad to see a grown man carry like a pre teen, over old news for that matter…atdi and mv are still amazing though.

  • edward the undergrad

    haha that is funny !