Here are two quotes from LA Weekly‘s new interview with former Hole guitarist Eric Erlandson about his new book Letters to Kurt:

“[Kurt and Courtney, the documentary] was made by somebody that is not a conscious person, or was not conscious when he made it. That movie was made in a tabloid manner, and I wasn’t interviewed for it. Same with the books, even sanctioned biographies, they never interviewed me. They never have the full story. They’ve never reached out to me. And I have not talked about any of that to the press.”

“There’s that cartoon side of [Courtney Love] that is intimidating, but deep down inside there is a sweet little kitten. I got to see that, I was lucky enough to see that when we dated. I got to see a lot of that side of her that people don’t know anymore.”

  • Ten

    I always felt sorry for the conspiracy theorists out there. It’s sad when people refuse to accept reality.

  • The Hand

    maybe people don’t know that side of her anymore because that side of her doesn’t exist anymore!

  • Medea

    Conspiracy theories are for ignorant people

  • no

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the conspiracy theories about Kurt’s death. I will say that Erlandson makes a good point about not being interviewed though.

  • lala

    lol @ grungers that think that c. love isn’t capable of killing anyone

  • Slowcombe

    Well I belive after reading Everett Trues book that Kurt might have actually killed him self, but it’s clear who very much DROVE HIM TO IT….

  • Matt from DC

    I think he’s bitter cuz no one interviewed him

  • Millz

    Kurt was trying to kill himself with heroin. Why not with a shotgun?? Why would Kurt escape rehab? Just to get back to Seattle for dope?? He could have held up in L.A. shooting smack just as easily. His daughter and wife were in L.A. He was going for the gun. Everyone was out of town. Who’ gonna stand up to Kurt?? The nanny??

  • rodrigo

    i’m a firm believer of tom grant and his facts about why kurt was killed rather than made suicide, fuck the kurt and courtney documentary, i was and i will be one of those who accepts that kurt died of a murder not that he made suicide….

  • Kristin

    Some people just can’t accept that it was murder. I know it’s hard, I would SO much rather he killed himself than someone wanting to kill him and going through with it, I’d rather if he die at all it be by his own hand, but suicide is an easy way to not deal with it. It’s an easy way to be in denial. You can just say “Oh well, he’s dead, he did it, what can you do”. Admitting it was murder means actually having to think about it, having to realize someone out there in the world did it and got away with it, and having to fell mad and sad and angry at that person for taking another one’s life. It seems like people would rather not think about it that much, so they pass it off as suicide so that they don’t have to deal with the case being reopened and having to see all the details, and having to think about it and REALLY think about the fact that he’s dead and that someone else might have done it. T this day I have never heard a good explanation for why people don’t think it was murder. They just say “I just don’t believe this Grant guy” or “I don’t think the facts are true” or they don’t even know the facts in the first place. To all the people that say all the details are shady, what’s shady is the fact that you are so willing to blow off the facts. If anything it proves that there are so many suspicious things about the case that even people who think it was suicide should want to get the case reopened to prove it either way. Anyone can say “I just don’t believe it”, all that does is ease the mind, and blows off the problem. It’s like your parents telling you “Because I said so.” It doesn’t solve anything.

  • dj

    he was killed, too many strange facts about that “suicide”

  • Medea

    bla bla bla

  • Josh

    I salute you Kristin, and other grungereport who actually read ALL the facts, and all the taped phone calls. Self absorbed fools are the ones who think anyone who says the word, ‘conspiracy’ (with facts) is lunatic and ignorant needs to get their head checked IMO

    There’s a lot of conspiracies that don’t have factual information, but sorry close minded idiots most evidence points to a whack.

  • Kristin

    Yeah, it’s really starting to seem like the religious versus science debates. The people who think it was murder are only going by the facts, and the people who think it was suicide are only going by “I just don’t feel that it was murder. I don’t believe it.” Well it’s SCIENCE! There are WAYYY to many inconsistencies. In order to discredit all the facts, you are basically saying it was a miracle that he wasn’t murdered.

  • Brooks

    God Kristin you are a moron. For a person who thinks college is for losers you seem to be pretty high and mighty about science and facts, two things you know nothing about.

  • Kristin

    For one thing, the phrase “College is for losers” is usually meant to be sort of a joke. I always thought people should stop and think first before going to college, obviously some are going to be meant for it, while others are not, so don’t just robotically follow people, do it for yourself if you do it at all. For another thing, I was just expressing my thoughts, as maybe someone may not have thought of it that way, you don’t have to be rude, it’s not like I was saying all people who believe in the suicide theory are morons, and for another thing, you have no idea how smart I am. You don’t know my past, you don’t know how much I think or what I think about or how I had to struggle with feeling weird about everyone saying how smart I was and teachers wanting me to be in their classes, so don’t judge.

  • steve

    Donate to Tom Grant! The guy has to eat somehow and this is his meal ticket.

  • Sam

    You guys have to be kidding and are suffering from Orwell’s doublethink.Noone with a function brain can look at the “EVIDENCE” of Kurt Cobain’s death,and at least,at least consider that something smell’s VERY bad about his death.Just the simple fact that the last man to see him alive,receives $30,000 for “rehab” from a wife who was facing a divorce,would have lost millions of dollars & who’s fledgling career(remember she was no-one at the time of Kurt’s death)would have been over or at least a joke and just the dumped wife of a rock star at best.At least people READ the evidence for yourself,instead of pre-postioned bullet points from PR reps or from the instigator’s them selves.Most ,if not all,friends of Kurt’s in well known bands believe he was murdered but wont say it publicly due to law suits.Kurt needs justice,not sheep to do what they’re told.At least this case needs to be reopened & Eric also has a lot of questions to answer himself.
    Go here and read,at least for Kurt who cannot defend himself. cobaincase(dot)com

  • Cindy

    Kitten? More like a sabre tooth tiger. He was worth more dead than alive. Courtney is and has always been a psychopath. Too much was inconsistent on the Cobain case.

  • lezlie

    Ok i am 36 and now it i december or 2012 i never really was a big fan of birvana but did listen to their music and though kurt was sexy as hell actually my daughter and him has the same birthdate anyway thede last few months ive been really obsrssed with him and read and listen to and watched everything tja i could find on him yes i def feel he was murdered and his cas needs to be reopened maybe after 18 years someone will break rip kurt

  • Marie

    Courtney should have let Kurt divorce her. Eric also has blood on his hands from Kristen. What did Courtney tell you, that everything would be o.k. as long as you stuck to the story, and that everyone would believe whatever she said? Time has a way of bringing forth the truth. It might be time to lawyer-up.