Foo Fighters To Perform For 1,000 Fans Who Played “Learn to Fly”

Foo Fighters just tweeted, “Ci vediamo a presto, Cesena…. xxx Davide,” which translates to “See you soon, David.” This message seems to confirm that Foo Fighters plan to play in Cesena for the Rockin’ 1000 who performed the band’s classic “Learn to Fly” in Cesena, Italy in hopes of attracting the band to come play in their city. The video was planned for over a year, with musicians and fans of Foo Fighters from throughout Italy uniting for the epic video that is spreading like wild fire. The video was directed by Anita Rivaroli and Alberto Viavattene, and edited by Matteo Stefani. Foo Fighters responded earlier by saying, “Che bello, Cesena,” which translates to “How lovely, Cesena” or “How Nice, Cesena.”


    I have to confess…I drop a tear.

  • Thelonious Funk

    Yea, that’s freakin’ awesome. Got to hand it to the Europeans…they’re some passionate music lovers