Blizzard continues its tradition of closing the doors on Blizzcon with a big concert. Two years ago it was Ozzy Osbourne, and Tenacious D followed — this year it’ll be the Foo Fighters’ chance for post-gaming convention immortality.

Blizzcon takes place at the Anaheim Convention Center on October 21 and 22. If you were unable to score yourself a ticket, Blizzard is offering a pass to take part in the festivities virtually for $39.99, either via the internet or through DirecTV. For more info on live streaming, check out the Blizzcon site.

  • zobilamouche

    its really annoying to see all these bands performing at these corporate events, wtf. I miss the punk days, no one would have done that then.

  • Chicago_Animal

    Why does it matter if they are playing a corporate gig? They are playing their music for people to listen to like when they play arenas. Not like they are selling stuff in a commercial or anything.

  • John

    why do you fucking care zobila, your just a loser who cant apperciate the awesome that is the foo fighters.

  • rodrigo

    can you see? even the geeks has the oportunity to listen to foo fighters. Well…i think that warcraft and foo fighters are not a great combination, but i like the attitude of grohl

  • wesley p.

    @zobilamouche– dude, if u were the foo, ud b doin the same thing. gota make that paper sumhow…