Foo Fighters Give A Sonic Highways ‘Road Map’

Foo Fighters discussed Sonic Highways in a new interview with Q, and Chris Shiflett revealed that Dave Grohl presented the idea for Sonic Highways to the band during the Sound City Players shows. Shiflett said, ‘Aren’t we on hiatus? Cool! Hiatus is over!’ Watch the full interview below.

  • Boom

    Boom just say this. Boom not big Foo Fighter fan, no real reason just the music no real move Boom. This until this Foo Fighter Sonic Highway business, Boom no sure if it the HBO on the television combing with the new record music, but the new Foo fighter music have been moving Boom, make Boom happy. Been little while since music of the new kind move Boom. Some of the Lightning Bolt did and all of the King Animal do bit these are bands Boom already dig. Boom just happy band like foo fighter can move Boom. That what music about.
    Boom wonder if children show up in this comment and do the trolling.

    Boom out!!
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