This is from Dave Grohl’s interview with Q Magazine:

“In my hotel room in Perth, Australia on a Them Crooked Vultures tour, it all came to me,” Grohl said about working on a new Foo record. “I was sitting writing a new song and I thought, ‘OK, we should make a documentary about the recording of this new album and make it a history of the band too. Rather than just record the album in the most expensive studio with the most state-of-the-art equipment, what if Butch and I were to get back together after 20 years and dust off the tape machines and put them in my garage?’ I literally backed the minivan out of the garage, pulled the lawnmower out, put a drum set in it and set up mics. We soundproofed the garage door so that my neighbors wouldn’t call the cops.”

  • Kai

    Sounds cool, hope it gets released. The first teaser clips for TCV were bits of studio footage, I’d like to see the rest of that too..

  • Ross

    Black Beryl had a child (bamalam),
    the damn thing gone wild (bamalam),
    She’s so rocksteady,
    Woooah Black Beryl!

    Foo Fighter ROCK!!1!