Foo Fighters have canceled their March 2nd show in Singapore. The band released this statement:

‘We deeply regret having to cancel. It wasn’t an easy decision by any stretch but, after carefully considering medical advice, we felt we had no choice. Dave’s been told by more than one doctor that he has to take it easy on this voice.

‘We hate to disappoint our fans in Singapore and hope you’ll all understand and that we’ll see you all in the not too distant future.’

  • GrungeAttack

    All that fake screaming is not good for this man of many trades. His veins popping out of his throat and sounding like a old needle on a scratch up old monkeys vinyl. He we come……..

    He also seems like hes pumped up on something like those energy drinks running all over like a squirrel in heat.

  • Alec

    I can garuntee you this wouldn’t have happened if he didn’t scream “alright, COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” or “WOAHYEEEEEEAAAAHHHHHH” before every single chorus of every single song for the last ten years.

  • GrungeAttack

    Did I mention I’m a Jap fuck who wants his dick?

  • Zod

    Haven’t the foo fighers been touring non-stop for over a year? Probably just needs to take a break.

    You don’t see most other rock bands in their 40’s touring that heavily?

  • John


    Except for STP, who’ve been on the road nonstop since 2008.

  • Branden

    and we’ve seen Scott Weiland’s voice get pretty worn out as well.

  • Calvin McCain

    “I can garuntee you this wouldn’t have happened if he didn’t scream “alright, COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” or “WOAHYEEEEEEAAAAHHHHHH” before every single chorus of every single song for the last ten years.”

    OMFG! I’m not the only one who can’t stand him live because of this! I was just explaining this last night to a group of fans. They pulled up two different songs on their iPhone and played them and sure enough both of them live, had him doing the ALRIGHT COME ON and then the WOAHYEAHH! They all started laughing and one of them has already txt me today saying I’ve ruined him listening to live Foo.

    The man is so brilliant in so many ways, this is one of his very few drawbacks live.

  • Aza

    This is the band that loser Eddie Vedder envies BIGTIME — 5 wins as against Vedder’s Zero.

  • CJ

    @ Aza

    Too bad Grohl didint put on a 20th anniversary concert this past year that drew 54,000 fans each night in the middle of no where Wisconsin. Im sure if Grohl put on a concert in the middle of nowhere 54,000 people would go…yea right, grow up pal

  • chris


    yeah right hahahahahaha grammys mean nothing now
    if they took place in the early 90s comparing PJ’s best to foo’s best PJ would win BIIIIIG Time

  • chris

    BUUUUUUt on another note,
    I have to say I wouldnt be able to sing either if I had to sing white limo every night

  • Kyle

    A lot better then Eddie’s shaking voice now and days.

  • Aaron

    This article was about the Foo Fighters and somehow it became an attack on Eddie Vedder. It never ceases to amaze me how immature people are on this site.

  • cosmicatomic

    Stick to the DRUMS, DAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John

    Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam are two completely different bands, and Dave and Eddie are two completely different singers. However, Pearl Jam is irrelevant to this article so…

  • Aza

    Grohl’s win clearly shows who was the BETTER band during the height of the Grunge explosion during the 90’s. Nirvana’s music was already considered classic and revolutionary even midway during their short lived existence.

  • GrungeAttack

    Dave is really just trying to put on a hard rock show which calls for the primal scream. Just yell as loud as you can then do that for as many times as he does during there tours.

  • CJ

    So Foo Fighters (Not Daves) win in 2011 when PJ (Not Eddie) didint put out an album shows he was better in the 1990’s? It wasint a solo album going against vedders solo album…again grow up pal.

    Im sorry and i know this is a foo fighters post but that may have been the dumbest thing ive ever read on the internet…and needed to respond