Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea Reveals Celebrity Doppelganger & Talks John Frusciante

In a new Reddit AMA, Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea discussed Will Ferrell & Chad Smith’s drum off, and who he would like to bring back from the dead, John Frusciante, his favorite NBA players, and more. “I don’t know about a bass-off, because that smacks of competition, and I don’t like to think about music being a competitive thing, but Will & Chad was funny. But I would really love to play bass together with James Jamerson.”

Flea also revealed his celebrity doppelganger, “Um… uh… my celebrity doppelgänger is… um… um… uhhhhhhhh…is Charles Laughton.”


When asked about his current relationship with John Frusciante, Flea responded, “John is beautiful and I love him.”

He also remembered his experiences of playing at the Super Bowl, “I don’t like to hide too much, but I do like to run like crazy. The best part about the Super Bowl was playing catch the day before the game, and doing the Heisman and catching a pass from Anthony in the end zone, but then the security guys came chasing after us and we ran away. They run a pretty militant operation over there.”

Flea also revealed his favorite current NBA players:

Kobe Bryant
Metta World Peace
Julius Randall
Nick Young
Wesley Johnson
Jordan Clarkson
Ed Davis

“And I’m a big Steve Nash fan, and I really wish him well on his life after basketball. I think he’s a really soulful, intelligent person and will continue to do striking and original things away from basketball as he did as a professional basketball player.”

“In terms of athletes that i admire, there are so many. I love athletics as much as I love literature or art or music or a variety of academic things. But I’d have to say my favorite athlete of all time is Magic Johnson. I really admired him for his remarkable skills and all his work to get himself as good as what he did, and also his ability to uplift all the people around him.”