Soundgarden’s first ever live album Live on I-5 debuted at #42 and sold 10,962 copies in its first week on sale in the United States.  Last September’s Soundgarden career retrospective Telephantasm sold around 20,000 copies in its first week on sale.

  • Andrei

    No one buys good fucking rock records anymore. A shame.

  • Brett

    These are compilation albums Soundgarden have been releasing, the new album will sell WAY more.

  • Matt from DC

    Live albums aren’t hot commodities as new albums are. No worries Andrei.

  • Andrei

    I’m also talking about STP’s album from last year and R.E.M.’s Collapse Into Now which sold 50.000 in its first week.

    And it’s a fucking shame cause it’s their best record since 1992.

  • rocky

    Everyone needs to calm down. Because of you tube and constant years of bootlegging not to mention the digital age records don’t sell anyone. Thats why when you go and see bands live the prices are so hiked up. Because of simon cowell the music industry has been watered down so much that a musiacian does not make that much money anymore- hence why v good bands are not breaking through. Its depressing buy hey I lived through the Seattle years and it will stay in my heart forever

  • BillyL

    It’s not Simon Cowell’s fault. The fault lies mainly with the millions and millions of people who steal music. That’s why albums don’t sell anymore and why the prices are hiked up; to make back what is lost through non-sales (online theft).

  • the other ben

    You can blame any number of things for records not selling anymore:
    -the fast food, results oriented culture we live in where everybody wants everything as soon as possible, which doesn’t fit with the industry’s practice of recording and then building up to release
    -bands making music that simply isn’t that good, therefore destabilising fans trust
    -high price for a product where the effort really hasn’t gone in to making it worth it, solely to make the fat cats in the suits more dollar
    -illegal downloading

    This is a live CD, it wasn’t promoted anywhere near as much as Telephantasm.

  • Stosh

    Its true though. STP’s record undersold. Backspacer barely went gold. REM cant move shit. Its a bad climate for rock right now.

  • Aaron

    music is in a slump at the moment, its a combination of all the above elements. recording and releasing an album is just not fast enough for the Have it now masses. I’ll still buy a CD from my favorite bands cause i like to have something in my hand. I read the liner notes, I enjoy the artwork, i support the artist. Unfortunately there’s not enough people that do this to make CD’s a hot commodity anymore. It doesn’t mean bands will stop trying to promote, it just means they have to work all that much harder. Its a double edged sword because social media has made it possible to discover new bands that might be really good much faster then word of mouth or MTV plus you factor in several audio choices for downloads and the artist can release their own records without a huge label. Concert prices are now like gas prices.When The Doors released their first record in 67, Electra made huge billboards in LA promoting the record and the band went all over TV and played specially designed club performances to get the record to the masses. Those days for the most part are gone. Record companies need the internet or they can’t stay in business. This is why small labels are swallowed up by larger ones, Alla Warner Bros. and Sony. Simon works for Sony. And after this short novel this is still only half the issue.

  • Pete

    The smart ass in me wants to mention that this Soundgarden album didn’t even sell HALF of what’s Chris Cornell’s Scream album did.