This is from an interview Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil did with a couple of months ago, kind of old news but news is very slow right now.

Are you writing together?

Yeah. There’s individual compositions, certainly. Chris has done very well over the years writing solo compositions, where he’s writing the music and lyrics. He brings it to the band, and we twist it around and add our flavor to it. But there’s also collaborative songs on this. I think probably one of the earliest… I can’t really speculate, but if things are going the way we’ve been talking, one of the earliest songs we release will be a collaboration where we all wrote. It came about out of an idea of Matt’s. We all contributed some music, Chris came up with the lyrics afterwards. It’s funny you should bring up that ambient, psychedelic stuff. That goes back to the conversation about the Beatles, where I liked the heavy and fast, and that sort of psychedelic element, that dark psychedelia is certainly present in some of the early records of Boris, and Sunn O))), and bands like Om. You get the heavy, you get the trippy. It’s excellent.

  • Nick

    I hope the bands he listed hint at his stylistic approach on the new album!

  • Riley R.

    SUNN O)))

  • Electric Fun

    Oh my goodness…

  • Robert

    I can’t wait to hear it.

  • Andrei

    Like all of you, I suppose, I can’t wait for the day when I’ll be blasting this new shit!

  • Grungy

    2012 is the time now to release the 1st single. One of those early concerts is when they should blast it out!

  • The Incredible Mr. Mark Arm

    they will release it the first minutes of 2012, just like chris cornell anounced the reunion of soundgarden in the first minutes of 2010

  • Fuzhi

    Sounds very promising. I love Om and Boris.

  • Elle

    Oh yea I hope they release the new single at the stroke of midnight 2012.

  • Shaun

    Me too Elle! Me too!

  • Ben

    I was just thinking it would be really cool if they released the single midnight of 2012.
    However I doubt it will happen.

  • itswhip

    Rise aviator sun will follow