Fans ‘Disgusted’ And ‘Disappointed’ With Scott Weiland At VIP Meet & Greet

Scott Weiland held a paid VIP meet & greet session with fans at a recent show at the Brighton Music Hall in Boston, Massachusetts. The following is three different fan accounts from the event in Boston, including a fan claiming Weiland bizarrely said to him “Let’s suck a dick!” Each fan account comes from Stone Temple Pilots fan forum, BelowEmpty. You can read our review of Weiland’s recent show in Philadelphia by clicking here:

The VIP early entry allowed me to get into the venue and secure a nice spot right upfront and center. Stocklyn was very energetic and had some cool songs, I enjoyed them. Scott and the band were on time, and sounded kickass. I can’t get over how much Joey Castillo adds to their sound. He is a total monster. Scott danced around stage, joked, and actually seemed very happy during the set. Amethyst, Vasoline and The Jean Genie were major highlights for me, and all of the new songs went over very well. Scott’s voice wore down as the night went on but he was very strong on most of the tunes. The set was short and people were sticking around after Unglued expecting more, but the crowd was very satisfied and I heard people saying that this is the best they have seen Scott in years.

As for after the show, Tommy hung around out front and took pictures and chatted with many of the fans. I talked to him for a minute and he was very down to earth and humble. The VIP meet and greet was held in the back and like I expected you get about two seconds to shake everybodys hand, the manager gives you a pre signed poster and you get one picture with the band. I still wanted to meet my hero and it was an extra plus to meet Joey. I told Joey to stick with this band and it creates a monster rhythm section. Before I got up there to meet them, Scott was posing for pictures, smiling, putting people in headlocks, kissing them, the whole nine yards. When I get up there Scott didn’t even look at me when I was talking to him, he put his arm around me and literally said “lets get this shit done with”. As I fakely smiled for my photo, I couldn’t believe what just came out of my hero’s mouth. I felt so betrayed after spending so much money to support him over the years. Scott should not be saying that when people paid 150$ for a brief picture with him after the show. He obviously wants no part of the meet and greet and thats fine if he doesn’t market one. Always treat your fans with respect, I have always defended Scott and now it made me second guess myself. I actually thought of the DeLeo brothers and imagined how meeting them and Chester would not be a similar experience at all.

On a concluding note, I loved the show, his heart was into it and so was mine, and the crowds. One thing that should be mentioned is that Scott seemed like he was in slow motion, most likely drinking. I always thought it was his stage persona but after the show he talked slow, and his eyes seemed empty, even my girlfriend took notice to that. I will see Scott again, the meet and the greet is kind of out the picture now but I can’t wait for Blaster and for the next show!

I did the meet and greet as well and he said “let’s suck a dick!” to me and that was it. Over and done in 10 seconds. He was definitely drunk and ready to get outta there. I was about as drunk as he was so I didn’t really feel disappointed until looking back today. It’s funny, but also disappointing. Overall though I met some cool people and had a blast before and after the show. Thats what really counts.

Add me to the list of fans who Scott was not so nice too. The other members of the band all cool and with it…. scott seemed hammered.

As a long time fan (from the age of 10 years old) Scott and STP have been a HUGE part of my life. Collected everything I could STP as well saw them in concert every time I could. One of the things on my “Bucket List” was to meet Scott and get his autograph….. which I really wanted tattoo’d, to commemorate the day I met him.

When the Meet & Greet VIP passes came available I hesitated to spend the money but it’s a once in a life time thing. So I bought them! I had known Scott was hit or miss but I was really hoping for a good experience, but wasn’t getting my hopes up.

On the night of the concert after we were let in early for VIP I went over and nervously asked the gentleman in-charge of the VIP access about getting scotts signature for a tattoo. He was really nice about it but kindly let me know that Scott WILL NOT sign skin, and most definitely WILL NOT SIGN anything that he knows will be then turned into a tattoo. He also mentioned to not tell or show Scott my 2 other STP tattoos.
Sheesh Glad I asked!!!

Concert was great, besides some A-holes who can’t follow rules or have any respect…. but that’s at every concert. All 30 (?? not sure how many) of us VIP pass people line up out back and wait for the band. Scott is joking with people and making all sorts of wacko gestures for people pictures. Sweet this is going to be awesome I think!!! I can’t stop smiling at this point. It’s finally my turn….. I walk up and tell scott something along the lines of “I just wanted to tell you I have been a fan for 20 years” Scott then interrupts me and says something like OK hurry up I don’t want to hear it. I stand next to him and smile for my picture… mean while he was complaining the whole 5 seconds that it was taking too long.

I will NEVER pay to shake his hand again. I am glad I did it…. but when the day comes to put the Bucket List in order of awesomeness…. scott is going down to the bottom.

I can’t stress enough how cool Jeremy and Tommy are. I wish I could say the same for Scott.

It was maybe 30-45 mins of his time after the concert…. he could of at least been thankful that people still want to see him and pay $150 to shake his hand.

  • Jon Christopher

    It’s very disappointing when you meet your music heroes and they act like pricks. I had a less than stellar experience with Vedder but it wasn’t to the degree you guys had with Scott. When you do get to hang with the guys and they’re cool it makes you pretty much a fan for life. Grohl, Cornell, Ozzy, Alice Cooper, Steven Tyler, Rob Halford, & even Gene Simmons were very nice to me and my friends. It’s a shame Weiland is so diluted he doesn’t realize his career is hanging on by a thread and he’s going to need all the friends/fans he can get down the road.

    • jcal7

      What happened with Vedder? He seems to just want celeb snaps to add to his wall. I mean fair enough, he would get bombarded otherwise and have no life. He seems like a grumpy old sod towards fans when there isnt 25 feet of space in between

      • Dom

        Betting when Ed gets to appear in a photo w/Obama that he feels like you people do when you go to meet & greets, eh?

        • ClodHopper

          Yeah, Eddie is an Obama boy

        • Damien

          Are you saying Obama can’t be bothered with hangers-on like Vedder?

  • Go Hiomlán Mandelbrotmenge Imi

    Get a life. Meet & Greet is for 16 yr olds.

    • Crackerman33

      “Get a life. Meet & Greet is for 16 yr olds.” – Thank you!
      Honestly, you bought the ticket and enjoyed the show. The “meet and greet” is nothing more than you being able to get close to him. I’m sorry he didnt wrap his arm around you and say that he knows you’re his #1 fan. Grow the fuck up and appreciate his talent. Im no rock star but christ I can only imagine what is must be like to have to deal with needy fans night after night.

      • Go Hiomlán Mandelbrotmenge Imi

        You are right. And the funny thing: “Oh my god, he was drunk backstage. And he smoked. And he seemed to be high. And he was more interested in the hot chick in the super-short-skirt bending over in front of him to lift up a banana from the fruit basket.”

        My oh my, he is a fucking rock star and not your Aunt Molly visiting from Key West, Florida, to stuff your spoiled mouth with candy and self-made carrot cake with your name spelled on top of it. He is on a tour and meets about 3.000 random guys in a short amount of time. So sorry, he didn’t talk to you about your dog Lumpy who ran away last month and sorry again the trainwreck Scott Weiland is, did not offer you some great advance for your tax declaration. JUST DO NOT PAY THAT ASSHOLE 150 bucks. Go to the show, have some drinks and take your girl/boyfriend and go home and change the music energy in fucking energy or whatever you are into. But stop being a teeny idiot.

        Puh, the coffee was a bit strong, I suppose.

        • Jason Dyer

          lol They wouldn’t have paid the money if they knew ahead of time this
          was how they were to have been treated, boss. I’m fairly certain the
          occasion was ADVERTISED as a “Very Important Person Meet & Greet”.
          But yes, I’m afraid that I agree he is a trainwreck and couldn’t care
          less about actually meeting those who’ve supported his career. It’s too
          bad that some spiral down so far that they lose touch of humanity. Way
          too involved trying to counterweigh his heroin addiction with
          drinking. You can’t set expectations with someone like that.

    • ClodHopper

      …or horny chicks!

  • Matt

    $150! Lanegan does this after most of his gigs for FREE!

    • MrClarinet

      Talking to other Lanegan fans who have met him after shows, he sounds like the nicest dude.

  • vibrato

    This reminds of my experience with that stuck up classless dick wad Cornell. The other soundgarden guys are the best and nicest people I have ever met, but Cornell is a royal a-hole who has no regard or consideration for anyone but himself. Lead singer disease!!! Sucks when people are that talented but it is overshadowed by selfishness/self-destruction.

    • Dom

      Everything is relative in life…..including to your own position in life….

      • Damien

        That probably flew over his head, bro…

        • LowWorm


  • bluedogx84 .

    One of these guys above should have done the right thing… One good punch, and laid him out. That is something I would have paid $150 to see. Shake his hand and be insulted… fuck that. Scott, Eddie, and Chris are all losers.

    • Philippe Gaudet

      Eddie and Chris, why?

      • Eddie Yarler

        Because Eddie Vedder is a big self centered asshole too who will take pictures with shit heads like Sean Penn, Pete Townsend and One Direction but not his fans. And anytime he does something for a fan he makes it super obvious to where it just feels fake. Chris Cornell on the other hand I’m not so sure. I’ve never heard anyone have a bad experience with him except for his Soundgarden/Audioslave band mates. As far as fan meetings go I’ve heard he’s always been cool but whatever. All three have music I love though so ultimately as long as they aren’t abusing people, murdering, or stealing I don’t care if they have bad attitudes because that is a non-factor.

    • Jim Kirk

      Awwws…someone’s teen years were sad

  • Rizz

    My sister and wife took me to a Tool show. I dig their music. My sister got a backstage pass to meet Maynard. My sister gave it to me as a gift, I gave it to her back and explained Maynard was not interested in dudes backstage (lol). End of night we went to the location… was a line of females and me….security asked me to leave the line (lol). My sister and wife went back there where Maynard was playing with a small dog. My sister played with the small dog too… wife was happy to meet him. Maynard was “auditioning” chicks for the nightcap…..I waited outside in the cold laying on a picnic table. They said Maynard was quiet but cool. Great show.

    The End.

    • Jim Kirk

      I met maynard too. Hes a tool

  • Philippe Gaudet

    Well, many of you consider Billy Corgan to be a “jerk” or a “prick” but let me tell you, when I met the guy, he was really very, very nice to me and my friends. He was really sweet and took the time to talk to us and even tell jokes and everything.

    I just wanted to make this point here.

  • Dylan McLarnon

    Makes me so upset. I’ve seen STP and Scott well over 10 times and to hear this shit just makes me so disappointed. Sure I’ll listen to the new album and see Scott if he comes around but these stories just make me lose so much respect for the guy…

    • Jason Dyer

      I just chalk it up to his state of mind these days. WAY out of touch with fans. Drinking too heavily. Remember, he’s trying to suppress a heroin addiction.

  • God

    I was at a meet and greet with him once and he said to me “I shit in urinals” i was left confused…..Then I went to the bathroom during some boring new song and for real there was a long lincoln log in the urinal.

  • sifting .

    scott is a bi-polar wreck
    you got what you paid for, meet and greets are lame
    i had opportunity to do a meet with corrosion of conformity back in the day, glad i didn’t

  • Jim Kirk

    Thats why i passed on meeting him. Dont want him to ruin it. Sackomatic!

    • Jason Dyer

      Yeah. I’ve seen him 3 times just in the past 2 years playing very small clubs (in which you know you’d have the best opportunities). All 3 occasions, I didn’t even try. Why even give him an opportunity when he can’t be professional off stage?

  • Dom

    I just don’t get all the criticism of Scott

  • Chris Cornell’s Mustache

    im surprised cornell and vedder are rude. i know they are lead singer disease but to take it to an extreme and be rude? what happened?????

    • Crystalline

      I don’t know about Vedder, he seems like a decent man& I have never seen Eddie insult his audience, but Chris sure can throw a fit and behave like a spoiled & arrogant jerk. I attended a show where he bashed female audience members with inappropriate degrading & sexist comments& i felt it was so rude & disrespectful after people fork over money like that, to have to watch an ego raging millionaire spew on people who have nothing. He really would not give a crap about anyone unless their face looked like a hundred dollar bill.

  • Chris Salazar

    I hung out with the guy matthew who this post cites. We met at the STP meet and greet like a year and a half ago. They were awesome. We got to carry out conversation, have stuff signed by them (similar with Alice in Chains) and the whole shebang. I ran into him at this show and it was a decent (DECENT at best) show. I get that meet and greets aren’t for everybody. But these guys that do it are people’s idols and mean the world and are charging lot’s of money to do it. Scott looked and sounded like shit (during the show and after). The meet and greet was him not looking at you or saying a word, but rather taking a quick picture. It was: shake the other band members’ hands and take a picture with scott. I will say that I’m not really complaining, I happened to get probably the best picture out of everybody, but all I’m saying is I can understand. The bassist Tommy Black was fantastic though and hanging out the moment the show ended smiling and talking with everybody. Weiland looked so incoherent though, like, to the point where you could question how he even is able to try and sing. With one guy who came up, he was just eating chips the entire time and didn’t even look at the camera. Like I said, I get meet and greets aren’t for everybody. BUT if a band is advertising them and charging lots of money for them, they should do them.
    The show lasted about an hour and 10 minutes max. Scott sounded like shit.

    • Jason Dyer

      Right. They need to pay attention to what they are exactly advertising. Is it a “Very Important Person Meet & Greet” or “$150 to take a chance that Scott will be sober?” 😉

  • Kelly Baldwin

    I met Scott Weiland in I believe it was 1997/98…he was doing a solo tour “12 bar blues”… he put my name on a backstage meet and greet list and told me to sit down and when it was over gave me 80 dollars and asked me to go get crack for him…

    • Drewjames

      are you serious as a heart attack?

  • Damien

    No wonder Scott doesn’t want to talk to you people.

    • Jason Dyer

      I’m pretty sure his intoxication sums it all up.

      • ClodHopper

        Quit spreading rumors about him. Geez.

        • Jason Dyer

          Rumors?? Good one. I’m fairly certain I can verify that aspect having been front and center for 3 shows in the past 2 years. Has he quit the smack? I believe it. But not cold turkey as his drinking offsets his cravings. Addictions 101.

        • Jason Dyer

          lol Then what would you lean towards when the man can barely hold himself straight on stage?

  • Bill Austeh

    The thing with SW as I know him by. When he says anything about sucking a dick just get on your knees mouth open and watch as he changes. Good guy who just tells someone the truth. He is the best at no PC shit.

  • ClodHopper

    I do SO like Scottie! Stop complaining about him. His music says it all. Besides, you could be a little gracious. Geez.

  • ClodHopper

    Scott is eye candy for the women!

    • Damien

      My GF agrees!!

  • Boris

    Scott & Corgan are my two favorite artists! 🙂

  • Alternative Nation

    I met Scott and talked to him for a couple minutes in 2008 at a KROQ festival show (not a paid meet and greet), and he was nice. He shook my hand and talked about his career with me for a couple of minutes.

    Stories like this will go up though when they happen, we report extensively on the careers of the artists we focus on, both the good and bad. We aren’t paid to be publicists for any of these guys. If you’d like to read a positive story you can read our recent review of Scott’s show in Philadelphia


  • Claudia

    When I saw Scott, he was spot on and very gracious. Hard to believe these stories..

  • Cian McHugh

    quote of the day

    “I will NEVER pay to shake his hand again”

  • Dom

    When are we going to get some more recent Scott news?! 🙂

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