Fans Crowdfund $139,000 In Hopes of Bringing Pearl Jam To Queens, NY

Pearl Jam fans are attempting to bring the band to Forest Hills Stadium in Queens, New York according to The Village Voice. Daniel Sheffer, his sister Angelica, and Albert Lee were inspired by fans bringing Foo Fighters to Richmond through crowdfunding efforts, and decided to try it themselves last November, with a target of $1 million. So far, they have raised $139,000. Sheffer says Pearl Jam support the movement, but their current light touring schedule could prevent the show from happening this year.

“It’s been pretty positive,” Sheffer says. He then pauses and sighs, acknowledging the most salient snag. “This year, there’s one thing that’s working against us: I think Pearl Jam is taking a break and there’s not a lot of activity. So I really don’t think the management can say anything, and it’s really up to the guys in the band. I think we’ve got an amazing head start, and if there’s a category for this, we’re probably number one in funds raised by fans for a concert.”

He added, “Even if we don’t hear anything this year, I think next year will the big push, because it’s their 25th anniversary,” he says. “We know they love to play venues like this, and especially with the history the venue has, it makes so much sense.”

Below is the full description of the campaign:

We are raising funds for a fan funded PJ show(s) at Forest Hills Tennis Center. A historic venue in Queens, NY, this would be a unforgettable evening(s) for the band, the fans, the crew and NYC. We have the support of several PJ groups on FB and Twitter and will give our proposal to Pearl Jam management no later than 1/2015.

We will be contacting the press and local politicians to make this happen. If The Beatles, The Who and Dylan can play Forest Hills why not add legendary Pearl Jam to the mix?

Why not try? I’m sure my fellow 10 clubbers would agree!

This is an extremely unique, historic venue and we think that the band would love playing here and it will be a show to tell future generations. We encourage all feedback and can use all the help we can get to make this a reality!

Forest Hills is a historic venue, a great place to live, it deserves to be put on the map again. Pearl Jam is the best band on the planet to do it!

The plan is simple Pearl Jam fans. If we get the numbers , let’s talk to the band and see what we can do. Worst case is that they say no.