Fan Falls From Balcony At Tool Concert

While Tool had a triumphant tour finale at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans on Sunday, one fan did not have a great night. Near the end of the band’s set, a fan fell from the balcony. It wasn’t clear where he fell from, or if he jumped, but it’s been speculated that it was the suite level. He was moving though when he landed, but it startled other Tool fans. Freelance journalist Wesley Hodges told The Advocate, “It was scary,” Hodges said. “I caught it out of the corner of my eye. I saw a body coming down and heard a really loud crash. I saw him lying on the ground. There was chaos after that. People were screaming.”

“We can confirm that a patron fell,” said Sabrina Trahan, the arena’s event marketing and media coordinator, in an emailed statement. “An investigation is ongoing.”

Police and security personnel arrived quickly to help the fan who fell, but there has been no update on his health.

Tool wrapped up their tour at Smoothie King Center, New Orleans, LA this past weekend, and frontman Maynard James Keenan did it in style, wearing a tutu. Watch video, and see photos, below!

No Quarter (Led Zeppelin cover)
The Grudge
Forty-Six & 2
Drum Solo

  • Felonious Punk

    At least he got to hear his favourite Tool song ‘Descending’ before he went..

  • Corndog

    Did he fall or was he pushed? Hmmm. Perhaps it was some sort of protest against Tool’s never changing setlist? Like, if you don’t fucking do something different tonight then i will!

    • Felonious Punk

      This would generally explain why Tool fans are idiots then. They willingly pay an assload to see a band play the same set night after night — and sometimes tour after tour — and then take the plunge when they’re disappointed.

      Isn’t that kind of the definition of crazy? Some people I know think I’m crazy for paying $100 to go see The Cure later this year, but that’s because I love all their albums and I know they’ll play like a 35-song set of hits and deep cuts from throughout their career..

      • Billy

        $100 bucks is my cutoff for concert tix. I can see Cornell rip off a 30 song 2.5 hour set for $60.
        For me it’s principle. You see all these old bands just gouge their fans with ticket prices.
        In 2011 Perfect Circle were charging $90 to see them support the Emotive album……which as u know was a covers album released in 2004!!!!!
        Never mind The Eagles and all the older bands charging hundreds of dollars. It’s like hey, you know all the money you spent on all our albums,merch, and previous concerts over the years? Well, as a gift to you, we are going to dig even deeper into your wallet lol

        • Felonious Punk

          Maynard and Tool are a joke.

          “But the high ticket prices are for our super-awesome LAZER SHOW, guys!”

      • Corndog

        Yes, i would have to agree that pretty cuckoo:)

        I didn’t realise the Cure were still touring. I suppose it’s worth it if it’s worth it to you, but $100 for a ticket does seem a little steep. That’s about £70 i would imagine. Saying that, if it was a band i really wanted to see i guess i would pay £70. I’d definitely pay that to see PJ at the very least.

        • Felonious Punk

          The Cure still put on a great show, and play for more than three hours most nights. They do like four different encores.

          It’s kind of like seeing the Stones. Sure, they may be old, but if they still sound good and can still bring it, why not?

          • Corndog

            Absolutely. So long as a band still has it, who cares how old they are?

  • jcal7

    should have been titled ‘Did he fall or was he Pushit?’
    in other news, Tool delay about 5 more years as they are caught up in new battle with insurance company over fall.


    Let it swim they say….

    • Thomas

      Learn to listen

  • Raj

    Maybe he was so irate over the set list or the price of the VIP package he was ready for his ninja attack on Maynard!

  • Martha Bartha