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AW thanks! But I believe that is @Billy RT @maseface123: Everytime i hear “the world is a vampire”, my heart caves in. @DaveNavarro rules!

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  • g

    wtf is this? @this @that @wtf

  • Dennis

    Uh, ok?

    Where is a hurricane when you need one? (too soon?)

  • jt

    Was it Mayan?

  • Magic Mike Mazzarone

    I kinda miss Mayan. I wish he would get a once a month return.

  • Is he one?

    I do not miss Mayan one second.

    Funny story here though! 😀

  • enough

    And you guys aspire to be legitimate news site? this site is a fucking joke.

  • aaron

    I can’t wait to see the line of bands that want to be interviewed here after this breaking news report.

  • John

    Stop making news with nothing , it’s getting ridiculous !

  • Coptheriotact

    I enjoy that there is news to read everyday, anyone can find out when a band releases a new
    Album, I like reading little bits and pieces. If it doesn’t interest you, you can just scroll past it.

  • Christine


  • Matt

    To be fair, how much news is there to report from these bands? This site is awesome, even if a few of the “news” moments are a kind of small. Keep up the great work

  • Spoonman

    yeah i guess we all, especially me, can get pretty critical. i love having this site available so i certainly cant bitch too much!

  • Marley

    Hahahahahahahahaha that is fuckin hilarious. Glad I’m not that fan. XD

  • Justin

    This is news?