Exclusive Review & Photos: Pixies Deliver In Newark, New Jersey

Last night, the Pixies played the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark, New Jersey, and AlternativeNation.net head reporter Mike Mazzarone and I were lucky enough to attend.

LA punk band FIDLAR opened the night, ripping through several songs off of their debut album and winning over many in the audience with their garage punk sound. When the band left the stage at 8:50, a marching band appeared out of nowhere, going into the pit and playing renditions of several Pixies songs, including “Where Is My Mind” and “Bone Machine”, keeping the crowd highly entertained while the roadies for the real deal set up the stage.

The Pixies’ set aptly kicked off at 9:15 with “Bone Machine” off of Surfer Rosa, continuing with the electric version of “Wave of Mutilation” and U-Mass, off of the underrated Trompe le Monde. This is actually my second time seeing the band on this tour (and in general). At my last show, the band opened with the U.K. Surf (acoustic) rendition of “Wave of Mutilation”, which means the band aren’t afraid to shake up the setlist every night.

Ripping through deep cuts (“I’ve Been Tired”, “Gouge Away”) and crowd pleasing favorites (“Hey”, “Where Is My Mind”), an hour and forty five minutes of straight music with no interruption small talk was played the audience. A fair share of new material was played, including “Greens and Blues”, “Indie Cindy”, “Bagboy”, and “Andro Queen”. The songs translate perfectly well in a live setting and are solid additions to the band’s revolving setlist. The set culminated in a three song encore consisting of “Debaser” and “Tame” from Doolittle and closing off with “Planet of Sound” from Trompe le Monde.

Despite the glaring absence of Kim Deal,Paz Lechantin proved herself to be a worthy successor , stealing the show with co-lead vocals on classics like “Here Comes Your Man” and “Monkey Gone To Heaven”. One can only hope she’ll stick around for the entirety of Deal’s absence. 

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