Exclusive: The Protomen Talk Mega Man, Teach You How To Kill A Shark

The Protomen are one of rock music’s weirdest and most unique bands, keeping alive the spirit of theatrical acts like Queen and Meatloaf by presenting an epic rock opera telling the story of a robot revolution. The band was on the lineup of this year’s Vans Warped Tour, where I had the chance to speak with them in Scranton. I had no idea who the band was and what they were all about, having an improvised interview in the artist lounge.

I quickly got to know who The Protomen are in a hilarious 10 minute interview, presented here in audio form. None of the members introduced themselves individually, though that’s okay since they are robots and have a collective consciousness. No, seriously. Listen below to hear the band go on about their influences, their love of Mega Man, and a rather gruesome way of killing a shark in self defense (spurred by my wearing of a shark tooth necklace).