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Exclusive Premiere/Interview: The Everyday Losers Release “Scream” Music Video; Discuss Silverchair & Future Plans

The Everyday Losers is an alternative rock group located in Washington, IN. The band consisting of guitarist/vocalist brothers Dylan and Tyler Seidel, bassist Danny Norton, and drummer Damian Baker have begun making a name for themselves in the underground. Their accolades include recording with Phil Taylor (Future Leaders of the World) and John Lecompt (Evanescence, We Are the Fallen), releasing their debut album, three EPs, touring with Saliva, and a performance at Rockapalooza. We were able to premiere the band’s newest music video for single “Scream.” Band member Tyler Seidel also spoke to us about the track, upcoming album, Silverchair, and more. You can read the interview and watch the video below. Also, be sure to check out and feel free to donate to the group’s current Indiegogo campaign.

It’s been over a year since your debut album, Revel in the Chaos, was released. Reflecting back, were there any significant or notable aspects during the writing or recording process?

Tyler Seidel (Lead guitarist/backing vocalist): Some of those songs had been with us for years as we hadn’t been able to fund an entire album prior to that. The recording process began almost an entire year before the release. We went through so many different sessions for that record. Some of those songs were recorded up to 6 different times before we landed on what recording approach we wanted. It was a funny situation as we were doing the recording with our drummer at the time. Niko had quit the band towards the end of the year in 2013 while we were still recording the album. We finally landed on a new drummer, Damian Baker early 2014. We were put in a bind as our former drummer was continuing to record the album and our new drummer hadn’t even heard more than half of the songs before we hit the studio. We had this state of mind that this was the final attempt at finishing that record. As you may have guessed it, Niko knew the songs while Damian was hearing them the first time. In order to not compromise the recordings, Damian stepped down for the majority of the record and let Niko perform on the album. This was very honorable to me as he saw the bigger picture. Damian did make it on the recording of our newest song at the time “Outta my Head”.

Can you discuss the lyrical theme or message behind the newest single “Scream”?

Tyler: “Scream” is one of those songs that I had wanted to write for a while. Every time I wrote lines of that nature in other songs they were always scrapped. This is actually one of the only pieces of music on the album that I came up with, as Dylan is our prime music writer almost in its entirety. I felt a strong connection to this song so I dove into it with admittance that I have some issues. I had recently been diagnosed with anxiety as well as depression and began medication that helped me greatly. At the time, I had been researching mental illnesses that were interesting to me. I found a very personal bond between psychosis and schizophrenia. As I will openly admit that I do not suffer from either but I have had a bit of an uneven balance between what’s real and what is not. This song is about those instances. I refer to them as voices in the song. This is a statement in being self aware of an illness.

Are there thoughts towards a follow-up album yet?

Tyler: Yes, we are actually in the studio at the moment working. We had 20+ songs that we had narrowed down to fifteen so far, nine of which are already recorded. We hope to release a new album by the end of the year as well as an EP of the songs that we did not choose. The EP will not be outtakes or such, rather songs that didn’t fit the mold. For our follow up full-length album, we wanted a heavier record. The EP will feature the softer material we didn’t see fit to be included on the full-length.

What are some future plans and ambitions of The Everyday Losers (dream tours, collaborations, albums, music experimentation, etc)?

Tyler: We hope to be hitting the road as much as possible towards the end of the year. Currently our main ambition is to do an east coast tour run in collaboration with Dead Industry Records. Our dream tour would be with Local H. They are our favorite band to see perform. We would love the opportunity to even share the stage with them once. The current main goal for the group would to have a distribution deal for the new album. We want to play all the time. We love the road and if we aren’t performing we almost feel as if everything else we do is a waste of time. [laughs] As far as experimentation musically, I’d like to create an album that features an orchestra of sorts.

I’ve heard you guys are quite big fans of Silverchair. Care to delve a bit into your fandom and opinion on the band’s past and current state?”

Tyler: The Everyday Losers began by Dylan and I playing Nirvana, Alice in Chains and Silverchair covers. Our tuning on Revel in the Chaos as well as our chords are directly from Silverchair. [laughs] Dylan and I have been huge fans for years. Danny and Damian finally jumped on board in the past few years as well. We all believe Daniel Johns is one of the most under-appreciated musicians/songwriters out there. I was a big fan musically of the first two records but Neon Ballroom hit a nerve lyrically that catapulted my idolization of Daniel Johns. Through high school I got the typical comparisons to Kurt Cobain due to my long blonde hair and rough style but I was really just trying to be Daniel. [laughs] So it’s safe to say that my musical taste, clothing approach, lyrics, down to my silver Paul Reed Smith guitar reflects my love for Silverchair. We even started a venue in my hometown with my best friend that we called “Neon Ballroom.” Diorama was another masterpiece as I didn’t realize that music could be so complex but so simple at the same time. As I still enjoy the latter material from them it is not exactly the style I had hoped they would end on. Daniel Johns recently unveiled solo material that wasn’t half bad either. It was far from his origins but still interesting. Honesty, I do not see him going back to Silverchair any time soon or even considering it for another 8 years.

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