Thanks to Joseph (Pino) from Italy for sending this in:

I’m in Seattle now, to attend some shows (John Mascis, Chris Cornell, Mike McCready). Yesterday I’ve visited the exhibit “Nirvana: taking punk to the masses” at the Experience Music Project. I send you some pictures. You could post them on Grungereport, if you like.

050: Kurt’s shirt, wear for the Smells Like Teen Spirit video;

053: in Utero man;

058: the original picture used for the Bleach cover;

071: pictures of early Nirvana in their rehersal room;

096: early Nirvana outside the Vogue, in Seattle.

  • Jon

    Great pics of a man deservedly immortalized. Now if we could get a similar exhibition for Layne Staley…

  • heck yes

    that is awesome. Does anybody how much you have to pay to go in. Also it would be cool if they do a Layne Staley one. I wonder were his leather jacket is at. I also wanna see some of Laynes art that would be cool.

  • Krista

    Layne needs one too!

  • Francis

    Last picture isnt new.

  • Patricia

    I swear to God, if I don’t get to see Taking Punk To The Masses I will throw myself off a cliff

  • Joseph from Italy

    It’s really an emotional exhibit. It will be held till 2013, so you have time to plan a trip to Seattle! I’ll be back in August: sure, I’ll visit it again. The exhibit is not a tribute to Kurt, but for the role Nirvana played in the early ’90 music scene. Anyway, I think Layne deserves to be remembered and honoured. I hope LS Tribute will be held also this year in August.

  • Polly

    Really love the pics!!! thanx