Exclusive: Listen To Clips Of Two Unreleased Scott Weiland Songs From The 90’s

Ashley Hamilton was kind enough to send me two songs that prominently feature Scott Weiland on vocals,”Circles” and “Massive (Heart Attack)”. “Circles” is an upbeat sounding, eccentric yet dark rocker that was recorded as a track for the first Wondergirls album, an effort that went unreleased due to legal matters. The band featured, among others, Hamilton, Weiland, Troy Van Leeuwan of Queens of the Stone Age and A Perfect Circle, and Shannon Leto of Thirty Seconds to Mars (predating that band). Fans of STP may recognize the chorus, which was reused as a part of “Dumb Love”, the opening track of 2001’s Shangri-La Dee Da. 

“Massive (Heart Attack)” has been of great STP fan interest due to Scott Weiland’s lead vocals and its “My Bloody Valentine” feel, according to the band. The assessment seems to be accurate. The tune has a post punk feel and its yet another STP related outtake which can go down as a classic, alongside tunes like “About a Fool” and “Only Dying”. The band will most likely officially release the two songs in their entirety in the future, but here’s two thirty second samples to hold you over until then.

  • GodKiller

    full songs would be nice.

  • Boombastic

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    • Jeremy

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  • ejsme

    Anybody have MP3s or Youtube links of this? I’m at work and can’t listen now but I’m dying to! Comparing the second one to the other infamous unreleased STP songs has got me very excited!!!!!

  • Anth

    “Dumb Love” might be my favorite STP song so it’s cool to hear its origin of sorts. Musically I find “Circles” much more interesting than “Massive Heart Attack,” but I hope it’s true that both of these (and others?) will be released in full soon. These don’t sound like final mixes though.

  • Spoonman

    im very interested but i wont listen until full songs are available