Exclusive: Griswolds Talk Debut Album, Reveal Origin Of Band Name

If you listen to modern rock radio you have probably heard the Australian band Griswolds’ debut international single, “Beware the Dog”, by now. The song possesses a catchy dance-pop vibe and an always cool usage of the F-bomb in the chorus.

I had the chance to chat with the band a few months back, not aware of the band’s impending success in the United States. Speaking of the band’s then-unreleased album, Be Impressive, band member Tim John tells AlternativeNation.net, “The songs are stepped up and mature, though we try to maintain a party vibe.”

Comparing the release to the band’s first EP, Lachlan West clarifies, “It still sounds like the EP… we’re still the same band, but it sounds a bit more electronic and better, I like to think!”

Any National Lampoon fan would recognize the band’s name as being the same as Chevy Chase’s ill-fortuned family in the classic Nation Lampoon Vacation films. However, the band had other reasons besides fandom for deciding on the name. Said Tim on the band’s decision, “Desperation for a band name, number one! We had a show maybe a week before deciding on a band name, and someone brought up the name ‘Griswolds’. It’s catchy. That’s it. That had to be the name! Its memorable, we kind of just went there.

If you haven’t already, check out “Beware the Dog” below.