Exclusive: Ken Daneyko And Matt Loughlin React To Martin Brodeur’s Blues Tryout

On the heels of the news that legendary goaltender Martin Brodeur will be attending camp for the St. Louis Blues on a try out basis, AlternativeNation.net was able to get exclusive reaction from New Jersey Devils color commentator and former teammate of Brodeur’s Ken Daneyko along with the radio play-by-play voice of the New Jersey Devils, Matt Loughlin.

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Daneyko’s Reaction:


You have to be happy for the guy, this is what he wants and if you are looking at it from a Devils fan perspective it’s going to be difficult no matter no matter what (different) jersey he’s in. This is an opportunity for him to see if he can resume his career and while selfishly I would like to see him finish in New Jersey but he’s earned the right (to go to another NHL team) given what he’s accomplished and being such an iconic figure here in New Jersey as well as being the rock of the franchise for so many years. It’s hard to understand sometimes why these players decide to leave the teams they’ve been associated with for so long but nobody should fault Marty, I sure don’t. I think he still has some fire left in him and you want to leave the game with no regrets so I think Marty wants to prove to himself and to everyone else that he still has some hockey left in him. I wouldn’t doubt him that’s for sure. Everyone wants to look at stats from the last few years, the save percentage, the goals against and they look at the numbers all the time and to me that doesn’t matter a whole lot. The bottom line is winning and Martin Brodeur can still win hockey games. I believe that if he’s capable and if he plays well he will be exactly what the St. Louis Blues need.

While I have no doubt that the Blues will make the playoffs this season, for one of the elite teams in the league in the regular season they aren’t as elite when it comes to the playoffs and they don’t have a lot of a winning pedigree. Regardless, if Marty plays one game for them, fifteen or just one big playoff game he is a winner, a champion and the St. Louis Blues could use some of that in their locker room because they don’t have much of that at all. However, it makes sense for the Blues, at the end of the day to explore the opportunity and while we know they have to like what they see in practice first before they officially sign him I think it’s a good opportunity. As I said, selfishly and as a fan it would mean so much to me for him to finish with the Devils, after all that’s something that I did, however Marty has a lot of pride, drive and I guess that’s something he wanted to do and at the end of the day I’m happy for him. He doesn’t have a lot of time to shake rust but he knows what is at stake. It’s going to be weird to see him in another jersey but I wish him the best.

Loughlin’s Reaction:


 While in my heart I wish Marty Brodeur had retired as a Devil, I think it’s a great thing that he is getting an opportunity to play once more. It’s his life and he still wants to play. Who can blame him? What I want or what the fans want doesn’t matter. It’s what he wants. Also, a player of his stature should not simply fade to black. He deserves to go out with a bit of a bang. Had he decided to retire at the end of last year then his final game at the Rock would have been just that. Another win in a long line of wins, in front of the home crowd, skating off to a standing ovation. But he wanted more and it would have been unfortunate if he did not get the chance.Truth be told, he didn’t have a place on this year’s Devils team. As he said last year, this is now Cory Schneider’s team and the Devils are in good hands. But just because the Devils were no longer an option doesn’t mean he had to retire if he wasn’t ready. He knows that once he walks away from the game he walks away for good. And he is not ready to do that. So good for him.What he may do from here on in will only add to his credentials as one of the greatest ever. But it won’t change the fact that when he goes into the Hall of Fame he will go in as a NJ Devil.