Ex-Slayer Drummer, Dave Lombardo & His Son Reveal Details About Their Upcoming Albums

Both Dave Lombardo, ex-Slayer drummer, and his son, Jeremy Lombardo, are set to release albums from their own musical projects this year. Philm, a metal trio formed by Dave Lombardo after being fired from Slayer, will release an EP titled, “Fire From the Evening Sun” on September 16th via UDR Music. You can view a trailer, artwork, and track listing for the release below:


Cover art for Philm’s new EP

“Fire From the Evening Sun” tracklisting:
1. Train
2. Fire From the Evening Sun
3. Lady of the Lake
4. Lion’s Pit
5. Silver Queen
6. We Sail At Dawn
7. Omniscience
8. Fanboy
9. Luxhaven
10. Blue Dragon
11. Turn in the Sky
12. Corner Girl

To Humans, a progressive-indie rock group, consisting of frontman Danny Toranzo, bassist Ace Anderson and drummer Jeremy Lombardo have actually just recently released a new album, “Metacognition.” The LP was produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Dave Lombardo’s other son, David A. Lombardo. You can stream the entire album below:

Cover art for To Human’s new LP