Eddie Vedder Trashes Disney Channel: “It’s A Bad Influence”

Judd Apatow interviewed Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder in his new book Sick in the Head, and Vedder discussed the Disney Channel.

“I don’t want to say anything, you know, because there are certain good things about Disney.” He added, “But that channel is not one of them, if not just even a single line in a half-hour show, that has anything of value and that isn’t said with an attitude other than, you know, being snarky.”

“And it rubs off, you know. It’s a bad influence. I probably sound like my parents. I mean, I was listening to Country Joe and theFish and George Carlin and, you know, Jimi Hendrix and all of that. We were pretty excited about this stuff.”

Vedder also discussed growing up and listening to Motown records, “I had this period in Chicago where we lived with some foster brothers – it was like a home for boys kind of thing – and there was a basement and we had a lot of Motown records, Sly and the Family Stone and James Brown, and we had kids of all races and all – it was a really great upbringing in that way. It made you grow up and toughen up a little bit even though I was only like seven or eight. But man, Michael Jackson was an anomaly. The stuff coming off that record player.”

  • Kytana Martell

    he sure liked that frozen song…..