Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder was interviewed on a Phoenix radio station a couple of days ago, click here to download it. (ripped by LOV2ROCK from the PearlJam.com forums)

Eddie said the ukulele was the first instrument he ever picked up.  He said he’s trying to put together a batch of ukulele songs, and he said it might even be released sometime soon.

  • Ben

    Cool! Look forward to hearing more Eddie.

  • Homerbreyn

    dang can’t wait

  • David

    I thought there were rumours of a ukulele album from EV already existing?

  • King Cornell 20

    I can’t wait. An all-ukelele album would be interesting. What this guy can do with one is incredible. Just listen to 4/20/02 (I know, it’s a guitar tuned to ukelele tuning but still…)

  • Pirkko

    This is so cool! I have just heard that Mark Arm is going to release vuvuzela album and Kim Thayil will support him on castanets…

  • David

    ^^That’ll be the Soundgarden reunion further delayed then.

  • david james

    Who cares?

  • Ben

    David: There are a bunch of Eddie’s Ukelele songs on youtube.