Eddie Vedder is no stranger to making musical contributions to various films, and this year he’ll be adding another tune to that resume, one that he’s penned for the new Christian Bale film called “Out of the Furnance”, out sometime this year. Although there aren’t any specific details on the new song, there’s a chance that several other Vedder songs might show up in the movie as well. Source

  • Truth

    Oh btw, everyone, Jack Irons = Troll!
    Just ignore his idiotic, immature, irrelevant comments.

  • Calvin McLain

    Here is the Jack Irons story in case anyone missed it:

    Jack Irons was once a huge Eddie Vedder fan, some years back he was mocked at a EV solo concert and EV almost made him cry. With his gf attending the show also. I don’t yet know what he did, but I can only imagine for acting in the similar fashion to how you are on this site post this experience.

    But now you just want to talk shit about him to make your horrible experience seem less traumatic. Because itablef others think he’s not as great as you once thought he was, when he made you cry then you don’t feel like such a constant momo in front of thousands…

  • Jack Irons

    No you got the story wrong…
    I did cry but not from Eddie, I started crying cause I just realized I threw $95 down the toilet to listen to a Kathleen Turner soundalike attempt to remember his lyrics. Ha!

    Thanks for the shout out though!

  • Truth

    I’ve heard that story before and it is sad, but at the same time its getting ridiculous with his comments because you can tell he talks out of his ass about everything. Theres some artist on here I don’t like but I don’t scowl the site to find articles and make immature idiotic comments about them for many many reasons. Mainly, I’m not a professional and successful musician so whom am to say something. And people come to this site to enjoy/share stories about artist they like.

    Ok, I’m done, I do have a life and must attend to it. Later Calvin, and good day to you man. Peace.

  • Grungeluv


  • Jack Irons


    The word is “scour” not “scowl”.

  • Truth

    @Jack Irons:
    HAHAHA!!! dude get a life, seriously. Get over the epic melt down and move on.
    On the bright side, admittance in the first step to recovery.

  • MJ

    ^ The bitter musings of a jealous, washed-up musician. How sad.

  • Jack Irons

    Don’t you see I love starting shit? Like most people have said, If you don’t respond to me, I’ll probably get bored of posting and stop. You’re just feeding into me. If the first two people in the thread comment on me instead of Ed Hollywood in a post about him, don’t you think I’m gonna respond?

  • Truth

    LMFAO!! Dude you are cracking me up now…that is the most bullshit thing you have EVER said…you never stop because this is your life now…I think your last 2 comments are comical but other than that, it really is SAD man. Like I said, move on. Ed made you cry…boo friggin hoo! Just remember what you just said here because you will be chastised next time your immature whiny comments are made after an Eddie Vedder article is listed. Maybe pick up the guitar and write a successful song then I’ll respect the shit coming out your brain, until then go cry me a river.

  • Jack Irons

    Don’t you realized making up a story about me crying at an Ed Hollwood show is just as childish as my comments? I’m bored at work, this passes the time.

  • Jack Irons

    Correction: Ed Hollywood.

  • Truth

    Sad…just sad…

  • MJ

    I hope Jack Irons never stops posting on Grungreport. His comments are as funny as they are pitiful.

  • Patrick

    @MJ – i agree, someone has to take over where MAYAN left off…

  • Jack Irons

    I’m here for my fans…

    What fun would be a forum of all kiss asses?
    Varying opinions keep it entertaining!

  • Truth

    What a bunch of wussies!! You can’t even chase a troll away…man the tough Grunge era peeps have really gotten old and soft!

  • Brett Buchanan


  • Big M

    Seriously he’s right. Why do people even respond. I just think he’s funny.

  • Jack Irons

    @ Truth

    I probably would have stopped posting by now if it weren’t for you and Calvin Klein.

  • Truth

    Paleeze! I see you post all the time and every time its nonsense and immature. I’m not asking you stop posting, I’m just letting others know the truth about you because I call a spade a spade and you little one are a troll.

  • Jack Irons

    Am I really a troll if I post more than anybody, using the same alias?

    With all this excitement, I almost didn’t get to the task at hand!
    You like my EV Mansfield 2003 pre-set night 3 reference?

    So, did EV announce what instrument he’ll be using on this song? Banjo, Kazoo, Rusty Trumbone or Harmonica? Actually, he’s already used a harmonica… Will he record it dressed in a tux with no shoes on while smoking a cancer stick? 🙂
    You know the idiocy had to resume at some point.

  • Truth

    Yes your a classic example of a troll. You only post negative comments under Eddie Vedder articles to cause a stir. I guess your still too young, maybe stupid, or just plain idiotic to understand. But hey if this gets you off, go at it.
    The truth is out there! Like the X files reference.

  • Truth

    And yes Eddie could play the kazoo and smoke all he wants for all I care. I enjoy his song writing and appreciate a good artist. Like I said, lets hear something creative and worth while from you and you gain all the respect in the world. Until then, your a troll…just calling a spade a spade.


    Eddie Vedder is so prolific because his songs all sound alike. He just rehashes every one.

    Oh, and they’re mostly boring as hell.

    That voice and that eukalalee = boring.

    Plus, the lyrics are all vague, atheistic ramblings.

    Pearl Jam is good, but this guy’s solo records suck.

    Oh, and to the idiot that constantly posts “Eddie Vedder is god”. Dude, stop dick riding. God is god. Eddie Vedder is a semi-talented singer who has made millions off dick riding fags like you.

    What kind of “man” calls a fellow mortal a god?

  • Jack Irons

    I like this dude, Suicyco.
    See he gets it. I make idiotic comments to go along with the equally idiotic positive comments comparing Ed Hollywood to God. EV could record himself taking a dump in analog, and all the EV/PJ suck asses think its the greatest thing ever recorded.

  • Pingfah

    There is no god.

  • Silver

    I really don’t understand how can someone hate Eddie or pearl jam and have Jack Irons as nickname,

  • kez

    why doesnt he put some effort into writing a good rock song..its been quite a while and as for jack irons i know where your coming from i use to love ed’s vocals esp round 98 when he was doin sum low growling now he sounds like a skinned cat…i know people on here love him and yeah so be it i think he is happy and thats great but i think his wife has turned him into a pussy..thats my opinion..or he is smoking to much green and its eaten away at his testosterone..they seem to put their effort into solo stuff and festivals when they should of already finished their album..4yrs is alot of time considering their earlier stuff was released yearly..have they lost their muse?..bs was average coming from musicians like themselves and self titled wasnt that much better i really hope they produce something memorable with this upcoming release

  • mandingo

    Truth vs Jack Irons !!!!!!! I gotta admit im loving you guys at the moment !!!

  • WhoFarted

    I like Jack Irons theme song from New Songs II.

    The CD is in my car and it’s cold out so I’m not running out there to get it. But for those of you who don’t know just google Pearl Jam New Songs II.

  • Jack Irons

    Ya, the Jack Irons theme was awesome!
    Ed did that at both warm up Moore Theater shows in ’95 as well as Missoula ’95.

  • ehow

    Eddie Vedder is awesome! I found an interview he did on his contribution to the West Of Memphis soundtrack: http://bit.ly/WHVOjd

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