This is from the new issue of Q magazine.

Q: Did any of you think Roskilde might spell the end for the band?

Eddie Vedder: If I remember correctly, I think Stone was the one who maybe thought we shouldn’t continue. I think if it was an issue that went right to us, or something we did, or our security or whatever, then that would’ve been harder, I don’t know if we’d have been able to keep going. But there was kind of nothing we could’ve done about it. I’m also grateful to Pete [Townshend] and Roger [Daltrey] and Tom Waits, the people that reached out, cos I was in a fuckin’ foetal position the day after.

  • John

    Okay it was such a tragedy , but come on … Disbanding for that ?

  • Theonetheycalldaz

    You can’t understand that would consider disbanding after 9 people died because that wanted to hear their music ? Wow

  • A

    Yeah, they always say this.

  • missy

    that means we would have been spared avocado, backspacer and countless newbie pj fans who know 10 songs and are more happy to film the shows they attend than to enjoy them.
    Guys you should have done it.

  • Jcon

    Missy, what are you talking about?? What “newbie PJ fans” do you know like that, really?

  • Calvin McCain

    So thankful they didn’t disband. And yes, I can only imagine after watching 9 bodies be pulled over that are lifeless right in front of you would probably give you a bit of pause as far as what your doing and if your taking every step to ensure safety for your fans.

    I like how PJ20 sums it up, with Vedder saying after Roskilde that it was a question to all of us “What are you we doing?” I can think of a few bands whom I wished had asked this question after their 2nd album…

  • Mills

    Thank god they didn’t. I remember going to the last 2 shows of the tour in Seattle, and most people thought we were seeing the last shows of the Pearl Jam. The shows were great, but with this underlying sadness. Next real PJ shows were almost two years later. Good thing they took a break.

  • Vs.

    The music world would be a better place without Riot Act, but we’d still be stuck with the tragedy that was Binaural if they’d have broken up at this time.

  • abbazabba

    Vs, wake up dude! riot act is a great album. missy, go away lol.

  • Kyle

    I used to like Pearl Jam, they need to wuit making all this Unthough Known and Love Boat Captain crap and make some good music again.

  • Calvin McCain

    It’s art, to each his own.

  • Kyle

    Calvin, it is not art. Art is stuff like the Beatles and Led Zeppelin. Pearl Jam is an old fart band that sold grunge when they made that shit song Last Kiss.

  • Kyle

    doesn’t matter, Beavis and Butthead are back now, so bitching about Pearl Jam’s new stuff is gonna have to wait.

  • Vs.

    I KNEW I’d get someone to say Riot Act is a good album! What a piece of rubbish. I’d take any STP album over it, and I believe STP to be one of the most overrated bands from the 90s.

  • Uncle Tupelo

    Isn’t that from the last issue of Q by mow…or even 2 issues ago?

  • abbazabba

    hey vs, you know what they say…opinions are like arseholes, everyones got one 😉

  • Lennart

    I think Riot Act has some superb songs, but it all comes down to opinions like abbazabba says. Just get along guys, we all love grunge, so why not discuss things like grown up people instead off bashing each other?

  • Jack

    Missy… I agree with you to a point.

  • CiTiZeN DiCk

    Everybody is a critic.