Here’s a mediocre Google translate of RockOl.it‘s article on Eddie Vedder:

December 28, 2011 – There is still a story with the trappings of officialdom, but fans of Pearl Jam – disappointed by the exclusion of Italy from the 2012 summer European tour – at least now have a reason for hope: Eddie Vedder could come to Italy as a soloist, in late July 2012. There is talk of at least one concert in the Auditorium of Rome, July 27.
Rumors on the Capitoline and a solo tour in Italy have emerged in the singer’s Forum Pearljamoline.it, historical fan-site dedicated to the Italian band Seatlle. We would have the ok from the Auditorium event that even if the present state of things, there is not and there can be no definitive confirmation yet, no official date and tour.
The news of possible solo concerts by Eddie Vedder on the one hand it would seem to explain the strange decision to leave out the European tour of PJ Southern Europe (Italy in particular, where the band played the last time in 2010, but where does a real tour since 2006). On the other hand is still remarkable that Vedder embarks on a series of solo concerts a few weeks after his band, maybe not in the same states but on the same continent.
In short, we’ll see: obviously we will report Rockol eventali developments. This would be the first solo concerts in Europe with Eddie Vedder, who went on tour so far only in the U.S. and Oceania. Vedder has published this year his second solo album, “Ukulele Songs”, in conjunction with “Water on the Road” DVD that documents his own concerts in solitude.

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