Eddie Vedder Rips Dick Cheney, Wants Him To ‘Go F**k Himself’

Eddie Vedder talked about Iraq war veteran Tomas Young and his wife at last night’s Pearl Jam show in Portland. He mentioned that he heard that some people thought he, Ed, should get over it and move on regarding former Vice President Dick Cheney. Ed said, “Tell Tomas that he should move on. That it was six years ago, get over it..” Ed says it is important to remember what happened so we don’t let it happen again. He also mentioned earlier during the show that people should show respect and not call Barack Obama ‘Barry.’

Vedder ripped Cheney and the Bush Administration at Pearl Jam’s show in Oakland a few days ago, “The mess that they got us into they should be reminded on a daily basis, while we’re still cleaning up the mess that they made all those years ago.”

He added, “The point is I thought maybe for somebody like Dick Cheney, the same sex marriage thing, it needs to go to one more level where it’s actually legal to marry yourself. Same sex, you could marry yourself. I think that would be perfect for Dick Cheney because then after he got married, he could go fuck himself.”

  • Shayaan

    Ironically enough, I feel as if this is one of Eddie Vedder’s least controversial political statements.

    • Pingfah

      Indeed, pretty much everybody recognises that Dick Cheney is a major shithead.

  • shoegazer

    Um, what’s this dude’s problem? Dick Cheney isn’t even worth mentioning these days, yet Eddie can’t stop talking about the idiot. Yes, he should get over it and move on. Focus on the shit our current president is getting us into and try to stop that instead of focusing on what can’t be changed.

    • Michael

      You nailed it shoegazer. Still protesting and being vile at other administration while only saying about current president that Barry should get more respect. Sorry but I don’t respect habitual liers. Barry said he would get us out of Iraq and fix all our problems bush caused or he wouldn’t even bother running for second term. He has lower approval rating than Bush yet no mention of that only Chaney that’s long gone. I really like Pearl Jam and Eddie but let’s face it I’m beginning to get tired of being lectured by a high school dropout about politics. Just play your songs buddy. That’s what you do best.

      • Stephen

        no we should NOT “just get over it.” that’s how you make a mistake and elect another shit head Republican after Obama has tried relentlessly to fight against this obstructionist GOP. Eddie is completely right that we should always remember who dug us into this shithole and pay attention for the next election and every election after.

        • bf3engi

          Obstructionist GOP??? take a look at dumbocrat senate leader Harry Reid… he is a joke! stops anything from ever even coming to the floor for debate let alone get voted on…. this shit goes both ways

  • http://www.vasolineband.com DLVox

    Vedder– why are you so bitter? You never served or sacrificed. Is it possible that you correlate the period of the Iraq War with the 3 worst Pearl Jam studio efforts (Riot Act, The Avocado Album, and Backspacer) during the same period?. Instead of spending your time targeting former politicians in your lectures between songs, rest your voice and take a page from Bono’s playbook….have a little class when it comes to expressing political views.

    • the keeper

      There is nothing wrong with what he said or how he said it

  • Roy

    Ed is referencing the current war of words between the Cheney sisters about same sex marriage. One is gay and naturally supports gay marriage. One is a hardcore republican running in a very conservative district in Wyoming who is against same sex marriage. Since she has known her gay sister her whole life and is still against same sex marriage it would seem as if the sister running for office is putting politics ahead of family. That’s what he is talking about.

    Also, Ed has every right to be mad about history. Those who don’t learn from the past are destined to repeat it. Just because something happened ten years ago doesn’t mean we forget about it. The point I think he was trying to make is that people are still suffering as a result of the wrong decision to invade countries and Bsh and Cheney are just soaking in the retired life instead of trying to console soldiers and dedicate time to veterans issues.

    Bono is a douchebag and is a yes man around politicians. Listen to his serious and sincere voice. Haha. Also, he tells politicians to donate all their money to this and that country when he keeps all his massive earnings in offshore tax shelters to avoid giving a little bit himself.

    • http://www.vasolineband.com DLVox

      “Bono is a douchebag and is a yes man around politicians. Listen to his serious and sincere voice. Haha. Also, he tells politicians to donate all their money…”
      A real “douchebag” for sure.

  • Boom

    Boom find it funny how the people bitch and comment on something they no know full context of. By reading small music report here do no give full story of what Ed Vedder was speaking of. Big history with the politics. Have nothing to do with being high school dropout, have nothing to do with so called 3 worst records by other commenter. All has to do with a man and how he feels about a certain political topic. This have. This have nothing to do with the music. Boom out!! Boom go rock the fuck out to ‘Deep Purple’

    Team Boom Listen fuck. Boom sober 1 day and a half now. Music turned back on at Booms palace. Still wife no comeback, she left.

  • Jake

    “But it’s not Obama’s fault!!” Eddie’s a typical brainless liberal. He will do anything to defend his cult leader of a president

    • the keeper

      Ah good ol’ red herring comments.

      Keep up not being right

  • scott

    Keep sucking barack’s cock Ed!!

  • ShaneC

    Vedder was interesting 20 years ago.

  • Djh62179

    Appointed by Bush to find him a running mate for VP and picks himself what a dumbfuck.

  • Melora

    Cheney has been in the news lately. He got a heart transplant. He said he feels no obligation to thank the family of the donor because it’s just a heart. Seems like a really sensitive guy. He’s appeared on Fox News and probably other news shows. He called Obama a liar over the Obamacare mess. So he has been in the public eye very recently.. That might be why Eddie commented on him. Do you see Obama’s lies as more serious than Cheney’s? Remember the Iraq war, anyone?
    I saw them tonight in Spokane Washington and it was a great show. 34 songs! Eddie’s only political statements were about three Spokane County Commissioners who are pro-profit and anti-environment. He encouraged people to vote.

  • Manos

    fuck off stupid Americans !!!

    • GwynnKatie

      Yer comment reminds me of someone I knew and cherished a long, long fuckkin time ago….

  • LushMiki67

    We should NEVER forget the Iraq war and the lies that led up to it. Eddie is 110% right. Millions of people lost their homes, 100,000s were maimed and disfigured, and tens of thousands killed. I don’t know how Bush or Cheney could sleep comfortably at night. All this while they bankrupt our country and let bin laden prance around for nearly a decade. Neocons, please enlighten me, there’s nothing you can say. This is coming from someone who mocked and ridiculed Eddie in 2003 for being a traitor when he was speaking out against the war. He was right after all.

  • Dmonday

    I love ya Eddie but who really gives a shit what your political views are. There was a time when Eddies statements were cool and halfway respectable, but know he’s just an Obama ass kisser. I don’t remember him being such a die hard democrat back in the day either. He is indeed one of the greatest rock singers ever, but he’s says some stupid shit sometimes.

    • james

      maybe he should let loose on obama and how his administration the 1 that he ass kisses has killed thousands of syrian children with weapons sent to the so called free army who are majority outside sunni terrorists claiming to be part of the fake syrian revolution which was nothing but a failed cia-zionist plan which is back firing bad on their asses..wonder how eddie would feel seeing his little girl in pieces

    • james

      one of the greatest rock singers ever..well i dont know i would say was once a great singer but countless packs of cigs..bongs and alcohol have taken its toll..better in studio now than live which is a shame i would of liked consistency live aswell

  • Ghost

    Saw PJ yesterday also saw them in 01, and 05.
    Yesterday was the best. People who say Ed has lost it must be deaf. They played for over 3 hours and were spot on.

    Gotta love stupid Republicans who forget that Bush & Cheney got this country into TWO WARS, and put this country into recession,
    Obama can only do so much when he’s handed a steaming pike of shit from tweedle dee and tweedle dumb

  • Ghost

    ^^ *pile

  • Progressive Pearl Jam?

    Who cares what Eddie “Scab labor is A-OK!” Vedder thinks? If he decided to do a about-face and criticize the Chocolate Messiah I might give a shit. Close Gitmo in his first term? Don’t hear about that from Ed. $500 mil for a website going to Obama’s pals? Don’t hear about that from Ed.

    I paid my ticket, just play the fucking songs dickhead