• King Cornell 20

    Excellent camera work or what? Sounds great, although like it a bit better with the full band. But what the hell is he doing in a suit on a rock in the middle of the ocean with such a little chair like that? Eddie, don’t fall!! I’m just poking fun, great video in every way.

  • Marie

    Nice tan, Ed. Great video, even greater version of a great song! This man never disappoints.

    I love you, Eddie!

  • be

    OHG MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!


  • eddie vedder god

    nice video, my god … eddie vedder better every day ..
    my idol forever !!!!!!!!!!!

  • MindRiot132

    Gorgeous! Excellent version of the song too, reminds me of my visit to Hawaii…

  • be

    Hawaii .. my consumption dream .. Eddie Vedder is fucking awesome 🙂

  • CiTiZeN DiCk

    WOW! Very “God-like”!!! Awesome take on this song…

    I cannot describe in words how – dare I say ‘surprisingly’ – good this album is! I picked it up today, along with “Water On The Road”. Both are equally as mind-blowing!

    Brendan Canty coming out and playing drums while Eddie plays “All Along The Watchtower” in the DVD Extras was a great touch.

    The DVD is beautiful, the album is beautiful… Its been a very, very satisfying day.

    Go get both of these as soon as you can, if you haven’t already!

  • CiTiZeN DiCk

    I agree with ‘eddie vedder god’ – He DOES get better everyday, somehow.

  • Ben

    Oh man! My pre-order hasn’t even been shipped yet! 🙁
    Can’t wait to hear the album!

  • Leandro

    Shit! Eddie Vedder that should have died in 1994, not Kurt. And the world would appreciate the real grunge a bit more.