Eddie Vedder Praises Jeff Ament At Pearl Jam Show In Charlottesville, VA

At last night’s Pearl Jam show in Charlottesville, VA at John Paul Jones Arena, Eddie Vedder praised Jeff Ament, proving that the ‘Sleight of Jeff’ incident is far behind them. Vedder said the following after the band performed “Footsteps.”

“That last song is such a beautiful piece of music. You can say that when you didn’t write it. That music is so good and they let me write a song to it. Chris Cornell wrote a song to it and I think Andy Wood wrote a song to it. Let’s thank Jeff and Stone for starting this all off. And can we thank Matt Cameron for playing in two fucking bands?”

Eddie also mentioned a Lou Reed sign he saw. Jeff played a line of “Walk On The Wild Side”. Eddie said, “Let’s, on the count of three, maybe he can still hear us, say ‘we love you Lou’.” Ed counted off and the audience complied.

  • Chris

    By “behind them” you must mean “was never a thing in the first place,” right?

    • Queen Vedder

      Exactly. I understand about reporting news, but dramatic effect onstage causing a fan outbreak of speculation was pure nonesense.

  • misuamolo

    Aaaaw, friends again 🙂 Next time, don’t hog all the trick or treat goodies you get Vedder. Remember to share always!!!

  • johnnie

    When did this page turn into a fucking tabloid press? Are you gonna analyze every word they say on a show from now on?

  • poptart

    But wait, he didn’t praise Mike…o noes…omg…

  • Spents

    On one hand I understand Brett wanting to drive traffic to the site and know why you would want to post, let’s say, more sensational stories but at the same time be careful that this site doesn’t devolve into TMZ, Grunge Edition.

    • rckvm

      too late

  • Reality

    Stop complaining. If you don’t like the site or articles, then go. Fuckin’ go. This society has turned into a bunch of people complaining about the man in the arena, meanwhile they would never step into that arena. Internet has shown the true cowardice of most people. Just like all the cunt moms at my kids school. Fuckin’ worthless do nothing complainers. Go away.

    • Corndog

      Here here! Well said man!

  • sid

    Yeah because TMZ makes no money and no one ever goes on it…..

    Brett don’t listen to these people, they will ruin ya.

  • Yeezus

    Even this title is exaggerated. He merely praised a piece of music Jeff co-wrote… that in no way shape or form gives any indication what-so-ever that their “Beef” is squashed… not that I believe there’s a “beef” nor care one way or the other… You can hate someone’s guts & still diplomatically praise a song that person co-wrote….

  • todd

    this site has turned in to TMZ


    Beat On The Brett 🙂 with a baseball bat, oh yeah , oh yeah , ohohoh yeah


    no its not a ramones tribute page, but its a funny gossip page filled with nonsense and drama about Brett, the man at the center of the Sleight Of Jeff controversy. Every week, we report to you all the crap that Brett makes up about todays popular and unpopular rock n roll bands and would be artists. All told by second hand accounts that make no sense at all 🙂