While attending One Direction’s show in Seattle with his family, Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder not only met the popular boy band but he also met a member of the pop rock band 5 Seconds of Summer.  Below is a photo of Vedder meeting the pop rocker.


5 Seconds of Summer tweeted: “Holy balls I’m fan boying.. I just met Eddie from pearl jam… HEHEHEHE SO HAPPY.”

  • http://www.mumblingaboutmusic.wordpress.com Tony Hill

    I used to believe that these bell-ends would all somehow spontaneously combust when exposed to real musicians like Eddie. I guess without his hair he lacks the strength to kill off these muppets alone

  • BV

    Please make this stop.

  • Kirill

    I always considered PJ as pop’er version of grunge

  • ale

    please stop him, he is the shame of Seattle grunge…

  • Martin

    We need to get an early 90’s Eddie back so he could slap some sense into this old fake version of Eddie.

  • http://www.soundsblog.it Ari

    I have a question: WHY?

  • MindRiot132

    He has kids, young kids. He was taking them to the show. The band members wanted a picture with Eddie, which honestly is understandable as they seem to respect him (as they should). Of course their music is terrible, but it’s not like Eddie is writing or performing with them. Just like any other group of fans getting a picture with a big name artist, it’s only big news because they’re a mainstream/popular teen boy band.

  • Spents

    MindRiot132 has the gist of it, I think. He has kids, he takes his kids to see these bands, the bands see that Eddie Vedder is in the audience and want to meet him.

    Like it or not, PJ has become classic rock and alot of these kids grew up with their music. I think Ed is being a good guy and gracious by posing with them when asked.

  • Tastes Grungey

    To be fair, there’s millions of other PJ fans out there who make terrible music.

    Got some pretty close-minded “fans” on here.

  • Daddy Didn’t Give Attention

    It is very easy to understand the negative comments… You don’t have kids, or are a jackass parent. Sometimes you have to do stupid sh*t. This is pretty stupid for us, but I bet his kids loved it.

  • http://www.loafpincher.com jokrrsmoket

    He does it because HE wants to. Case closed.


    Eddie Vedder should teach these pop boy bands how to play guitar, write some good rock songs, learn some punk attitudes and values in life and then watch the magic happens 🙂


  • jon ian

    And once again not any pictures with fans. Just poseur wannabe celebs.

  • Jack Irons

    What a joke!! What do these pictures have to do with bringing your kids to a boy band show? I don’t take pictures with these clowns when I bring my daughter to a show like that!! They girls do!! I could understand if he’s in the picture with his daughters… but he’s not!! What a joke!!! “If you hate something, don’t ya do it too!”

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