From Eddie’s interview with the Seattle Times:

“We’re arranging the songs right now,” Vedder said. “It’s not my favorite part, not anybody’s favorite part. But when the work gets done, we can get excited about how we work together, the new plateaus of communication and understanding each other.”

Indeed, this summer, Pearl Jam will celebrate its 20th anniversary by headlining a two-day festival in Wisconsin and launching a Canadian tour. September will see the release of “Pearl Jam Twenty,” a documentary made by friend and director Cameron Crowe. The film will have an accompanying soundtrack album and book.

“We are each happily part of a gang,” Vedder said of the band. “Let’s plug in and play loud and fast and hard, and that will keep us from getting old and boring.”

  • Ben

    Not a lot of info, but “loud and fast and hard” sounds good to me.

  • Andrei


  • King Cornell 20

    I hope they do what they do best and change things up with the new album and experiment with different sounds. Truthfully, as much as Backspacer was refreshing, I could go for some grittier, less pop stuff

  • Jcon

    Definitely agree with King Cornell 20, it was a nice change of pace and another great dimension of their sound to hit; but I personally would like to hear something different. Luckily, that should be what we get.

  • David

    Totally agree with King Cornell….

    ….well not totally, frankly I think Backspacer was abysmal, for the first time I’m not looking forward to a new Pearl Jam record because I’m afraid it’ll be more in the same vein.

  • kez

    im really not looking forward to this new album..i think the guys have had their day in bringing out new material with substance..this album will be interesting..but i tell you this..it wont be magic..dont get hopes up

  • Andy

    Great to hear they are staying away from getting “old and boring.” Bring on the new stuff.

  • Pete

    Backspacer was a great album. I am excited for any new PJ stuff… if there’s one thing they dont make – its bad music.

  • Scott

    new rolling stone interview says the songs are coming together faster then the band anticipated!

  • Marie

    FUCK YEAH!!!

  • nick@vaccaros.com

    Matt Cameron is fucking busy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000022737943 Riley R.

    Maybe they’ll play a few new songs during the festival?

  • Robert

    I am curious what direction the new album will go in.

  • CiTiZeN DiCk

    “Loud an fast and hard” that’s what I like to hear.
    “Backspacer” was a phenominal album. Most failed to see the concept of the album, because it wasn’t really advertised as a concept album. However, the songs are all in sequence and kind of revolve around a family man’s demise into a life of drugs and the consequences that are suffered. It also has one of the most chilling endings ever heard on a rock album of this substance.
    But hey, you can’t please everybody.
    The fact of the matter is, music needs Pearl Jam.

  • J nelson

    I’m just so ready for these guys to hit the eastern us touring rotation. I loved the uke album w vedder, so does my baby daughter. Ha I was a boy when I started following these guys. This band not only evolves, but if u listen enough, you evolve with them. Truly a great band who deserves praises today. Fans cant make um feel too old. My folks took me to allman bros concerts. I’ll take my kids to pearl jam. If anything, we have good taste.