Before playing ‘Daughter’ at last night’s Pearl Jam show in Amsterdam, Eddie Vedder said that there is “someone here that is part of the family. She is going from 11 to 12. Her name is Lilly.” It’s safe to assume that he was talking about Chris Cornell’s daughter Lily, who was born on June 28, 2000. Lily is the daughter of Cornell and his ex-wife Susan Silver. Happy birthday Lily!

  • King Cornell

    I think this is a great gesture from “Uncle Eddie”.

  • the keeper

    Does that mean Chris was there?

  • jjc19461

    No i think he was in Italy.

  • Trapped

    Detallazo del tío Eddie


    Pearl Jam – Daughter & W.M.A. Snippet Ziggo Dome Amsterdam 27-6-2012 HD



  • Matt A

    But what did Billy Corgan say?

  • Leo

    Matt A, brilliant :)))))

  • Markus

    @ Matt A – you’re an genius 😀

  • RickDeckard

    That’s weird because I’ve never seen any pictures of Chris with his first daughter. I don’t think she lives with him/has that much contact with him, also based off of the Susan Silver fiascos. I also believe that Silver has sole custody of Lily. I could be wrong.

  • Kris

    @RickDeckard: Yeah, I have to agree with you and had the same thoughts which kinda saddens me. I mean, she was his first-born daughter and it always kinda bugged me to know he didn’t have much contact with her although let’s consider that that is rumor. Hopefully, that is not the case and he’s been a good dad to her. I also bet she’s a pretty little girl considering her DNA.

  • Kris

    BTW … is Eddie Vedder smoking a joint or something in this picture?

  • Brett

    The Chris/Susan Silver thing is pretty complicated, and it’s really none of our business. I just hope Lily is happy.

  • drew

    hmmmm……this song is about an abused/neglected child; hope she isn’t or if so, tells her folks to
    fuck off and “rise above!”……

  • RickDeckard

    I agree with Brett, I wasn’t trying to be nosy, just noting something. Maybe Chris is in Amsterdam, who knows. But on the other hand, I agree with Kris that it is sad. Sort of getting creepy towards the end there though..

  • Rose

    and as I and Brett well know there have been pictures of Lily with her dad and that part of the family 🙂 All is well as can be 🙂 And Lily is a beautiful girl!!!!

  • jjc19461

    i’m pretty sure he dedicated the song to billy.

  • warriorwoman

    Classy act, Eddie Vedder! Hope Lily had a very Happy Birthday. I’m sure Chris wished she could be with them while he’s on tour in Europe. I think I read somewhere she was invited along.

  • TigerGuardian

    Lily is a terrific kid and very pretty. She looks exactly like her mother who has a beautiful face. Susan is a fantastic mom. I have known her for years. The situation is complicated and certain people saying negative things about this child’s mother on social media such as twitter should be ashamed of themselves. It certainly does not go unnoticed by many people and fans of Chris. I think Eddie V is an amazing person and he did a very sweet thing. Kudos to you Eddie.

  • bud

    How kind! Dedicating a song about incest to your pal’s daughter

  • Jasmin

    That’s a lovely thing of Eddie to have done. We don’t hear a lot about Lilly.

  • Daisy2220

    I agree Jasmin I thought it was a really nice thing to do and I think it is good that we don’t hear a lot about Lily. With all of the stalkers and crazies out there. It isn’t the best idea to let the public see so much of a celebrity child. You never know.

  • Mellymel

    God Now I live Eddie Vedder even more. What a sweet thing to do and what 12 year old wouldn’t want something like that on her birthday. Then again she probably knows many musicians personally with who her parents are. I really admire Susan Silver for being a female pioneer in the music industry.

  • warriorwoman25

    Can we direct this back to Brett’s original Happy birthday message to Lily? After all – it is supposed to be about her – not old history.

  • Maggie69

    I love PJ! I hope the tour in the states again soon!