Radiohead has currently been taking a break while lead vocalist, Thom Yorke, and producer, Nigel Godrich have been working on the supergroup, Atoms for Peace. Earlier this year, Radiohead bassist, Colin Greenwood, stated, “We’re taking some time out whilst people are doing some other stuff, doing their own things, and the plan is to get back together again [at the] end of the summer.” A couple months later, Yorke responded, “I’m sure it’ll probably be slightly longer than that, ’cause I am actually going to have to have a break. […] I really haven’t got a clue, which I quite like. We didn’t, like, say, ‘Fuck you, I’ll see you whenever.’ But it was quite exciting to actually finally decide to take a proper, proper break. We’d never really done that, not by choice.”

Paste Magazine is now allowing fans to download Radiohead’s Live At Tramps June 1, 1995 live recording for free with an option of a donation towards amnesty international. At this concert, Radiohead play The Bends in it’s entirety with the exception of “(Nice Dream)” and “Sulk” as well as some songs from their debut, Pablo Honey.

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  • Mawhonic

    Thom Yorke himself says that Atoms for Peace is not a supergroup.

  • Raj

    I wish Radiohead would return to their early guitar sound, IMO their old stuff is way better. I know Creep nearly broke up the band with it’s success. So many great songs: Creep, Just, You, My Iron Lung, etc.

  • whisky

    Radiohead makes some of the most boring music I’ve ever heard. Almost as bad as Coldplay, and that’s saying a lot.

  • bbuttssmellgood

    They all have that our shit don’t stink look. To many old bands need new ones . What’s happening with those noiseheads are they getting any radio play or are they among the many gathering bands who just don’t really have it.

    Oh guess alternative music is stuck with old bands nearing there ends. Then it will be fun to see what this site covers. Maybe more mainstream bands who are good but people get upset if certain bands are covered.

  • Brett Buchanan

    OK Computer was amazing, a great ambitious album (The Bends too). Unfortunately after that it just really turned into noise/computer type stuff lacking in hooks and the hipsters latched onto them. I liked some stuff on In Rainbows though. A very talented band back in the 90’s though, that’s why I cover them on here.

  • Brett Buchanan

    Younger artist wise I’ll be adding on Andrew Stockdale from Wolfmother and Jack White soon. Though those guys aren’t even that young any more, being in their mid 30’s. They’re young compared to the guys covered on here though.