UnderEther from the boards translated this interview with Manna about collaborating with Mark Lanegan:

“There was good luck to say the least with gravel voiced Mark Lanegan, who performs on Wishing Well. He was recording his own album in the same studio, heard Manna’s music, and ended up on the album.

– Alain was recording Mark at the same time as me. He had recorded maybe half of his album when I arrived. They had arranged it so, that Mark would continue after I’d finished. I only had 12 days to make the recordings.

– We had one day off of recording and Mark had come to the studio to work on some of his own songs. There he had heard my first single “Lead Me” and liked it a lot. Alain said that it ‘d be great if he would sing in one of the songs. Mark very much likes collaborations and does them frequently.

– I thought they weren’t being serious. But then I found out that he actually had taken 2 of my songs with him and written a verse for himself for “Wishing Well”. At first I thought it was only some backing vocals or something but it turned out he wanted to do a duet with his own verse. It was a complete surprise to me.”

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    where can i listen to it?

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    She is a rock whore that’s how she got lanegan etc.