Saw F5 posted about this on the boards. Basketball legend Dennis Rodman was on the NBA Network and said that in the early 90’s he had a gun in his hand and was sitting outside of The Palace and was contemplating suicide, and he was listening to Pearl Jam. Obviously Rodman didn’t go through with it, maybe Pearl Jam helped save him?

  • Andrei

    Hey, they fucking saved me.

  • John

    I think it is wonderful what music can do for people , it also really helped me when i was going through really hard times , that was alice in chains for me !

  • windowpane

    well, he already wrote it in his ‘Bad As I Wanna Be’ autobiography…

  • Joe

    windowpane is right. He’s been talking about this since the mid-90s, how PJ saved him.

  • Redhead

    and Rodman and Starr were both featured on Celeb Rehab 3. Some of the stuff Rodman was saying made myself and the cast laugh. Im above this, im on a zen level” lol

  • be

    eddie vedder is god 🙂

  • be

    And I am his servant of oral pleasure.

  • the keeper

    I hope Rodman is healthy and sober nowadays, I always liked him

  • Jack

    @window paine

    All news on here is rehashed…

  • Dreux

    Rehashed or not, I didn’t know about this. It isn’t really news, but I’d rather see a rehashed story then one less story. This is a site dedicated to grunge musicians, how much news regarding grunge bands do you think comes out on a daily basis? It may be filler, but I don’t want to see the front page looking like it did yesterday. The internet-cynic mentality really is a cumbersome one to put up with sometimes.

  • Pete

    I appreciate this story, because there’s no way in hell I’d be caught reading a basketball player’s autobiography

  • g

    black red and yellow

  • Craigory52

    “I’m gonna save you fucker!! Not gonna lose you!!”