Judith Salkin of the Desert Post Weekly recently interviewed Stone Temple Pilots guitarist Dean DeLeo. Below is an excerpt from the interview.

“Touring can be like walking a tightrope without a net under you,” said DeLeo. “Anything can happen.”

In September, Weiland — who has a long history of drug and alcohol issues — announced during a concert in Houston that he’d fallen off the wagon. As a result, the group took a break from the road.

“At the moment, everyone’s healthy and it’s really nice to be together on stage again,” DeLeo said. “These guys are really very dear to me.”

  • Doug

    “who has had a long history of drug and alcohol abuse”

    That really annoys me when people have to day “drug and alcohol”. alcohol IS a drug.

  • Matt from DC

    I’m glad to hear because I think that the golden age of the drugged out rock star is kind of fading away and for good reason too.

  • Robert

    That is good news. Thanks Dean for keeping us update.

  • GrungeJunkie

    Regardless of the fact that drugs destroyed the careers and killed many of the best frontmen of some of the greatest bands in history, Heroin writes good music. Listen to Alice in Chains and Nirvana. The raw, hopeless, dark, grungy emotion that makes the music so good can only come from hardcore current or past problems with drugs. Some people can make it out of addiction, some can’t. I agree that the drugged out rock star is fading, but only because I believe the existence of the true rock star has also faded. The “modern rock” that arose from the grunge era hasn’t produced much talent if any. It especially hasn’t produced anyone notable. Certainly not another Layne, Kurt, Chris, Shannon, Eddie, or many many of the other amazing frontmen and vocalists of the 90s. If you’re looking for proof, check out Lil Wayne’s 90sball album. It is proof that the music industry is totally in the shitter. At least we all have these great bands touring and producing new albums. Long live Grunge.

  • GrungeJunkie

    Oh yea and how could I have forgotten Scott.. This is an STP post after all… My bad. Oh, and alcohol is definitely a drug. It’s the worst long-term. It’s the only drug besides hardcore tranquilizers that can cause death from withdrawal from it. Seizures are a huge risk. Heroin is horrible and the withdrawal is uncomfortable and shitty, but you won’t die although you may feel like you want to be dead. I never understood the distinction between alcohol and drugs. I honestly think the reason is because alcohol is legal and largely socially acceptable, but drugs aren’t. That way, people with drinking problems can differentiate themselves from drug addicts to make themselves feel better about their equally but more socially acceptable problem.

  • dakotablue

    Layne actually said many times that he never created anything while he was using heroin. Said it had just the opposite effect in several interviews.
    And why can’t people quit hassling Scott and his bandmates about this? yes, the guy has a problem but if you don’t like him, just go away.

  • Casper

    STP is such a crazy band… Always on the edge of a precipice. Gotta love em.

    Side note, there are many reasons why drugs and alcohol are in separate addiction categories. One example is because the treatments are very different (NA, AA). In the end, they all are gonna kill you when addicted.