David Lynch Says Twin Peaks Revival Is Possible, Ray Wise & Dana Ashbrook Talk Comeback Ideas

David Lynch was recently asked about possibly bringing Twin Peaks back at the Lucca Film Festival. DavidLynch.it owner Matteo Marino, who attended the festival and documented Lynch’s comments, tells me that Roy Menarini asked: “Will we see a Twin Peaks continuation? We heard speculation about this, and you love continuing story.”

Lynch responded, “This is a tricky question. I’ve always said I love a continuing story, to love a world and get to go deeper and deeper into that world. So, there’s always a possibility, and you just have to wait and see.”

Thanks to James Woolley of Twin Peaks Worldwide and Bring Back Twin Peaks, and devotee of the ‘Bring Back James Hurley’ fan club, for helping with this story.

AlternativeNation.net’s Film/TV section recently spoke to Twin Peaks stars Ray Wise and Dana Ashbrook about where they think Leland and Bobby might be today if Twin Peaks ever does get revived.


Dana Ashbrook on where Bobby Briggs is today:

“First thing that comes to my mind, a kneejerk thing, is that he’s some sort of sad car salesman, a way sad guy. Maybe he and Shelly got married, and it’s happily ever after, you never know. I don’t know, doesn’t everyone get fat? I mean, you get fat (laughs).”


Ray Wise on where Leland Palmer is today:

“[In the afterlife] I think he’s going to to spend the rest of eternity trying to find peace for himself, and slowly it’ll happen. I think slowly he’ll find forgiveness from others that he wronged, and maybe some forgiveness from himself. With awareness of everything always comes some sort of resolution. I’m sure that somewhere off in the future, Leland will find peace.”

James Marshall discussed his ideas for a revival in-depth with us earlier this month.