Dave Navarro: Overcoming Drugs & Smoking

Jane’s Addiction’s guitarist Dave Navarro, iconic for chain smoking on stage, has quit the world’s favorite bad habit: smoking. According to his reply to a tweet just a few hours ago, when asked “What kind of cigarettes do you smoke?”, he gave the answer: “I don’t smoke anymore, I quit 8 months ago.”

And that’s not all, Dave Navarro, as of about 2 months ago, has also conquered four years of sobriety. Navarro struggled with substance abuse for much of his adult life, with on and off long segments of sobriety followed by relapse. He reported this on his Instagram:


Here is the reported tweet below:

While Dave Navarro’s health is more important than anything, needless to say, he looked really good when he smoked, as has been the tradition with rock and roll guitarists like Keith Richards. Let’s take a moment to look back and remember fondly when Dave smoked with some of the most bad ass images of Dave Navarro smoking.


Dave Navarro smoking in 2010, shortly before Eric Avery’s second departure from Jane’s Addiction.

red hot chili peppers com dave navarro

Left to right: Flea, Chad Smith, Dave Navarro (with lit cigarette in hand) and Anthony Kiedis presumably mixing during the recording and production of One Hot Minute, circa 1994-5.


Dave Navarro, driving and smoking, date unknown (Chili Peppers era?)


Jane’s Addiction, left to right: Stephen Perkins, Perry Farrell, Eric Avery and Dave Navarro (smoking?) Circa 1991


Dave Navarro debuting new hair cut with cigarette, circa 2013


Live on the air! With Dave Navarro AND a lit cigarette


Dave Navarro, smoking and playing guitar


Onstage with Jane’s Addiction, smoking a hardy cigarette


Dave Navarro and Slash smoking cigarettes together! Wow!

Well, Jackson Browne said all good things gotta come to an end.

  • dakotablue

    Dave has looked really good doing a lot of things, actually! The smoking photo essay made me laugh. But aside from nicotine, what was his drug of choice?

    • God


    • Eddie Yarler

      I really want to say heroin but idk for sure.

      • dakotablue

        Yup, I checked–heroin, but co-starring crack and ice.

  • nomad

    Nobody looks cool smoking.

  • God

    Still smoking the Meat Cigars though

  • PS

    Only idiots smoke and also they also look like that, while doing it.

  • Nicola

    I am always kinda shocked that people are still smoking….especially when I see talented singers and beautiful people who smoke…it steals your health and ages you so why would they do it and ruin their livelihood? Not to mention the price of cigs these days. Put the coffin nails down folks!

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