Dave Grohl Wants The Next Generation Of Rock To Rise Up

Foo Fighters hosted a private screening of the 2nd episode for their HBO series Sonic Highways on the 23rd of October, 2014 (that episode aired on the 24th, the following evening, highlighting their DC section) at the Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. Afterward, Dave Grohl was interviewed and subsequently did a bit of Q&A with the audience. Grohl discussed how he wants to inspired a new generation of rockers.

“At this point, it’s important to me that, it’s only fair that the next generation has the same opportunity that I had. I got to grow up in this area, and I was exposed to the most supportive community of musicians, who totally inspired me to do everything that I do now. So doing something like this, hopefully, kids can see this, and it can set an example. Forget all the other shit, you and your friends, go play music, then maybe the kids from the other neighborhood. Put on a show, play for some people, play some music, and do it for real, do it cause you love it. Do you it cause you burn and ache for it, and you’ve got to do it. That’s the thing, I feel like I want to try and set that example for kids, so it just keeps going.”

Grohl discussed Sonic Highways recently with The Pulse of Radio, “This has been two years of my life — and I’m still not done, man. On the break between the last interview and this one, I had to go in there and approve edits on the next episode that we’re working on. My life has been consumed by this thing — which is amazing, and I’m so psyched — but, when it’s done… I’ll probably miss it. But, good God, I can’t wait to get this thing (done).”

Sonic Highways Tracklisting:
01. Something From Nothing
02. The Feast and The Famine
03. Congregation
04. What Did I Do?/God As My Witness
05. Outside
06. In The Clear
07. Subterranean
08. I Am A River

  • Philippe Gaudet

    Don’t we all though?

  • http://Boom.com Boom

    Boom say this to the Grohl. It not happen again. It no the ’80’s no more. The punks are too spoiled and the entitled nowadays. They no dedicated enough to tough it out and become band, they want everything in the now right away moment. Boom feel there be no new rock generation. The Internet ruin it all just like the humans. Nobody do the thinking anymore.

    Boom out!!

    • Rory Nash

      Punk just has a new target, and its tech and what its doing…

      boom in!

      • http://Boom.com Boom

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        Now go rock the fuck out to the Beggars Banquet side B on the vinyl.

        • Rory Nash

          i see your link i raise you one! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKXNZkAX46w

          • http://Boom.com Boom

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  • Shane99

    When I’m 70, I’ll still be listening to the music I listen to today. I highly doubt anything huge will happen with Rock N Roll again. At least not while everyone can just get any and all music for free.

    Maybe a format that cannot be copied? I think it will take a whole new technology to solve it, and save music. It’s still probably not as simple as that.

    • Rory Nash

      gigs is where money can come from… getting people to the gigs and off their computer though… a challenge, and people spend a lot of time listening to what they like and very rarely give new bands a chance

  • thomas

    Foos are the best band