Click here to listen to Dave Grohl talk to the BBC about Kurt Cobain’s death.

Dave mentions that he remembers waking up the day after Kurt died and realizing that Kurt wasn’t waking up that day like he was.  He also mentioned that it was heartbreaking, he mentioned it made him realize he had to take advantage of his time alive.  Dave also mentioned to the interview that he wouldn’t tell a journalist or fans the entire truth about his feelings because it is very personal to him.

  • steph

    Dave’s right. Journalists and fans are not entitled to know how he really feels about Kurt’s death. It’s a shame that people just dig, dig, dig until they know every detail. I know I am guilty of it as well. Sometimes you gotta stand back and walk a mile in someone’s moccasins to get it.

  • No Love Lost

    I bet Dave really knows more about his death than most of us would ever believe..he would have known what Courtney was truly capable of,and yes it is heartbreaking.

  • PiE

    Dave & Krist have always been classy about Kurt’s death, and still are.
    I love those guys.

    I wish i could say the same for that woman….i really can’t even name her.

  • GrungeJunkie

    Well Kurt and Dave lived together in the very, very beginning. Shit sucks

  • Finn

    Thanks for this

  • Luke


  • Patricia

    This is about Dave’s feelings, no haters or conspiracy theories please.

  • Boddah

    its great the way that Dave and Krist talk so highly about their former bandmate/friend. I’m sure Kurt would be more than happy with what they have done post-Nirvana.

  • Aaron

    I agree, the press is entitled to know nothing! At the end of the day its the good times and good memories that count.

  • steph

    Well said Aaron…

    I remember how devastated I was by Cobain’s death, myself. I am just a fan. Family, friends, band mates, they are the ones who have to live the rest of their lives without their loved one. I feel fortunate that we even had Layne, Kurt, Starr….and so many others. Those bright lights that touch us and then….gone.

  • rocky

    What I find horrible is that Courtney lost a husband and a section of Nirvana fans still after 17 years treat her like shit. She may not be the most approachable gal in town or easy to get along with. Yes she is difficult but guys wake up Kurt killed hilself, have some respect to her and her daughter.

  • Brett

    Great point Rocky. To any women out there, imagine if your husband went and shot himself in the head and you were left alone with your child. That would fuck up anybody royally. It doesn’t excuse all of her behavior but you never really completely recover from something like that.

  • Adam

    Man the fact that he would notice how music doesnt even sound like real, raw music anymore and then choose to do something different with the foo fighters just shows how talented he is. I think it is a shame that people associate someone like Dave so much with someone else’s death. Dave’s not Kurt, he’s Dave, and the memories he has of Kurt ARE private. It’s definatley time to move on and let him live his life peacefully, making the music he loves.

  • Bobby

    I found this article late and I doubt I’m going to get a response from Rocky but I have to share my thoughts regardless.
    Show her RESPECT? I have followed Courtney for years and can tell you without a shout of a doubt that she plotted the death of her husband. If we had all the social networking and lighting quick news outlets when Kurt died, it would have been made clear days after Kurt’s death that the Seattle Police were rushing to the suicide call, scientific evidence could not back up the suicide verdict, and that there was motive. The problem is that this information came out WAY TOO LATE. By the time the facts came out people had already accepted the theory that Kurt killed themselves; people are more comfortable with that ending of Kurt’s life! The only way that people are going pay attention again is if Courtney were to go through with the Heavier than Heaven movie, and even she knows that it would be a bad idea to make it, since people would be discussing all of these theories.

  • David

    Completely agree with Bobby on this one Rocky. The Seattle Police Department did a horrible job in the investigation surrounding Kurt’s death. Along with a man by the nick name El Duce, who died in a strange accident only 2 weeks after he confessed to a reporter about being asked by Courtney Love to kill Kurt. allegedly she said ” Hey my old man has been a real asshole lately, i need you to blow his fucking head off, ill give you 50KK.” of course El Duce turned down the offer. Kurt was planning on leaving nirvana,divorcing Courtney, and writing her out of his will. If you don’t believe me research it. Justiceforkurt.com

  • no

    PATRICIA: This is a public forum. People can post what they want.

    PiE: Just because Courtney is crazy doesn’t mean she has not suffered, and does not make her guilty of murder (I know you did not accuse her, but others will). Krist seems like an alright guy. But Grohl is a phony.

    AARON: I understand your point about the press minding their own business. But how about the investigators who completely botched the investigation into Cobain’s death? Regardless of how tempting it was to write it off as a simple case of suicide, they have a job to do, and they know better than anyone that things are not always what they appear to be. They did a terrible job and the evidence was destroyed or ignored.

    ROCKY: Nice response. The only thing I am not convinced of is that he killed himself. But yes, people should realize Courtney lost a husband in a violent manner, in public view. That would f*ck me up pretty badly too!

    ADAM: No one would know who Dave Grohl was if it wasn’t for Kurt Cobain, let’s be honest. he is not charismatic and his music is mediocre… and I am being polite.

    BOBBY: Is your only “evidence” against Courtney that she appears to be insane? Remember, appearances can be deceiving. She sure does make a convenient scapegoat with her erratic behaviors over the years. Does not make her a murderer, though. Watch Nirvana interviews and just watch Grohl try to contain his jealousy and his hyperactivity…. his need to be in the spotlight. He does not fool those who have a knack at seeing beneath the surface in people. Watch his body language, faces, read between the lines of some of his comments. He is no sweetheart, let me tell you.

    DAVID: It can be tempting to believe it was Courtney… she has acted downright insane over the years. On the other hand, El Duce was not exactly sober or trustworthy. Isn’t it possible he was paid off to say that crap about Courtney? Just look up El Duce on Wiki, and within the first paragraph you will see why he is just an a**hole.

    • good response, no

      Excellent response by “no”.

  • curtis smith

    ILLUMINATI KILLED COBAIN, FACT. read the killyrics.The All seeing eye t-shirt at the unplugged session. Join the dotes.

  • chris s

    Who were the two people to profit the most from Kurt Cobain’s death?

    1) Kourtney love who took control of all the rights to Nirvana

    2) Dave Grohl who became head of his own band and transcended to super stardom, fame and fortune. (He even played the Devil in the movie “pick of destiny” where they make comedy out of the fact that musicians sell their sole for talent and fame.)

    If you know anything about REAL culture of Hollywood and the Music industry. You know it’s run by Satanic occultists (Call them the “illumniati” if you wish) Their symbols are everywhere from video images to lyrics. For somebody to get SUPER famous they need to do one very simple thing… A satanic ritual which includes a sacrifice.

    there are examples all over the music industry.

    Kurt dies under shady circumstances, Dave Grohl becomes famous

    Niki Minaj’s cousin get shot and killed, within a few days a song called “missing you” is released which talks about “getting murdered in July” (which he was) “it being part of the Agenda” (the illuminati agenda) and even “now you know you’re not bullet proof” (telling that he was indeed shot) within a few weeks after Nicki twittered about his death, her song superbass hit #1 and she’s been “on top” since.

    Finally look at Jay Z! He was in the shadow of Big L who was a hell of a lot more talented. They were both signed by Damon Dash to “Rockafella” records (a tribute to the Rockefeller illuminati family/ banking dynasty). A mere two weeks before the contract took effect (And while Big L was spending most of his time with Jay Z) he was shot 7 times in the head and chest and killed. Jay Z went on to become the biggest rapper of all time and consistently sings about the illuminati agenda in his songs! (He even has the song called LUCIFER!)

    These are not just “strange coicidences” These are RITUAL SACRIFICES that one must take part in, in order to obtain the FAME they desire (and trade their soul in the process.)

    You think all this stuff is coincidence or people are just “Reading too much into it”…. You’re just ignorant, and living in a dream world.

  • http://no kauan

    i’d like so much to know what really happened, but we (fans) should just enjoy the music. he’s right

  • http://no kauan

    dave was really benefit from kurt’s death, but kurt would be happy (i think) to benefit his friend/bandmate and his wife.

  • lmmmm

    You never know they reopened jimi hendrix case years later and found out he was murdered so maybe they will reopen it but prob not in my lifetime but hopefully i don’t care what anyone thinks with all the evidence out there it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know he was murdered

  • Ashlyn

    You obviously have not read ALL the facts in the case.

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