Dave Grohl Surprises Young Band In The Studio

The Cribs’ Gary Jarman revealed in a new interview with NME that Dave Grohl surprised his band in the studio while they were recording For All My Sisters last year.

“We left to go get pizza and withing three minutes we returned with Dave Grohl,” the bass player said. “We played with him in Ireland and he was like, ‘The Cribs? I love you guys!’ We thought it was a really good omen for the first day of the record – it was just like a rabbit’s foot or something.”


Foo Fighters recently released Sonic Highways the album and TV series, and in a recent interview with Q Magazine, Dave Grohl responded to U2’s own unique releases strategy of Songs of Innocence through Apple’s iTunes with a diplomatic shrug.

“Weeell, I wouldn’t want to judge,” he smiles. “I just saw that as, ‘Oh, of course…’ I don’t think you have to do something like the TV show to make a record. There’s still great records made by people in their living rooms. But I think it’s important to consider moving outside of that and doing more.”

Grohl mentioned that he visited Apple’s headquarters in September, and talked to Jony Ive, a revolutionary designer for the company. Grohl asked Ive how much he sleeps. Ive responded, “I’m much better now. Maybe five or six hours a night…” Grohl responded, “Wow, lucky bastard…!”

  • Corndog

    I really hate Dave Grohl’s stupid horse face. Almost as much as his god awful vanilla-rock band…

    • Elliot Davis

      Says the Pearl Jam fan…

      • Corndog

        Really clever the way you saw my avatar and correctly deduced I was a PJ fan. Gold star for you!
        Seriously though, don’t even. Comparing The Foo Fighters to PJ, one of the greatest rock bands in the history of music? Well shit man, that’s just plain laughable. Foo’s are way down there with the likes of Seether. They aren’t even close to the same league as PJ. Thanks for the chuckle though…