Dave didn’t say the word confronting, but I didn’t know how else to word the headline.  Here’s a quote from Dave Grohl’s recent interview with the Observer:

“Krist is on bass, Pat’s on guitar. I’m on drums,” Grohl explains. “Krist says, ‘You wanna run through some oldies?’ Me and Pat look at each other. I mean, that’s something I’ve never considered before. I was like ‘OK.’ Krist says, ‘Fuck it, let’s do ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. And Pat starts playing and we kick into it. I haven’t played that drumbeat in 17 years.”

“It was like… a ghost,” he concluded “It was heavy.”

  • Andrei

    It gives me the fucking goosebumps just thinking about this.

    If I only were a fly on the wall of that studio…

  • zobilamouche

    old news….i think it has even already been on this website before.

  • GrungeJunkie

    That’s correct zobilamouche, it has been on the site… kind of. Except when the news broke before it did not have anything about Dave Grohl’s feelings on the experience. The last story about this on this site talked merely that it had happened, no one else was there, it didn’t get recorded (although I secretly hope it was), and the only other person besides Dave, Pat, and Krist was the studio owner who peeked his head in for a split second. Then afterwards said “that one’s good, you guys should keep that one for sure”.

    I don’t know about anyone else but I have been wondering what Dave thought about that. Hell, I’m hoping that the Foo Fighters bring out Krist Novoselic as a special guest at Lollapalooza’s 20th anniversary festival and in celebration of that, the fact that Nirvana never got to perform their headlined bill at Lolla ’94, and the fact that Nevermind turns 20 in September that we might get a special performance. Wouldn’t it be an amazing thing for them to do for the fans? Pull Krist out there and do an instrumental version of Teen Spirit with a bright floor light where Kurt would have been standing and have smoke blowing lightly across up into the light as they played. Then have the light fade to black as the song comes to a close with the guitar interference. I dunno. I think it would be mind blowing and totally cool to share with everyone.