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Speaking at the Shockwaves NME Awards – where [Grohl] picked up the Godlike Genius award last night (23.02.11) – he told BANG Showbiz: “Honestly this is the first time we’ve made a record that I actually like to listen to.

“I haven’t listened to Foo Fighters records – the third record [‘There Is Nothing Left To Lose’] I listen to a little bit because it reminds me of my home in Virginia – but for the most part, I can’t listen to them. This one I’ve listened to a lot, I like it a lot.”

  • Recluse

    No artist listens to their own records because they’ve spent so much damn time writing, recording, and rehearsing that they know them backwards and forwards already.

    Dave ALWAYS says that he likes whatever record he’s just finished the best fyi. He’ll say it about the next one too. I guess he’s always excited about what he’s working on, which ain’t a bad thing.

  • rodrigo

    love there is nothing left to lose, great album, particulary i like it more than the self-titled or the colour and the shape, the only song i hate is generator the other tracks are pure genious, included aurora

  • The Incredible Mr. Mark Arm

    stacked actors

  • Ben

    I bet bono listens to his own records….

  • chicago_animal

    Reminds me of a standup but from Aziz Ansari talking about going to Kayne Wests house.

    -I go inside and Kaynes music is playing and Kayne is on his couch bopping his head to his own music and says “these beats are dope.” That would be like me sitting in my own house listening to this stand up and going “hahahahahah, these jokes are dope!”

    You know thats real cause Kayne seens like the type of person who would listen to his own music all the time.

  • Pete

    lol, funny Kanye story

  • Pete

    I’m not a music guy, so maybe there are musicians that can answer this.

    Whenever I make something, like for example, some renovations in my house, after the job is finished (say the bathroom), all *I* can see is all the various minor imperfections and mistakes I made in the jobs. Like a dent in the drywall, or maybe where my painting wasn’t very good.

    Is it like this with musicians? Like they can’t just sit back and listen to and enjoy their music because they micro-analyse it and think, damn I should have re-recorded that vocal, or something like that?