• Gary

    Is it just me…or is anyone else getting sick of Grohl?

    • Haryy

      I’m just watching a guy having the time of his life each and every day and turns it into gold. There’s nothing wrong with that. You should learn something from it (him).

  • Big M

    Nah I like Dave but I’m sick of him too. The last album was not anything amazing, I’d like to hear less talking and documentaries and more good songs.

  • Yeezus

    The last album was the perfect album for them. Nice balance of tracks that felt like radio hits, with more personal material. It had a cohesiveness to it, I really enjoyed that album, & it’s right behind The Colour & The Shape for me…

    • CL

      100% agree.

  • CL


    You know you don’t have to listen to and look at everything Grohl says and does, right? There, I fixed your problem.

  • jim garturt

    If he thinks that the NIN man can do it better then so be it! He does have a long career where he had worked with some of the best ever. People have to calm down and realize he’s a music genius.

    I could see Trent sounding and hitting notes that Layne and Cornell could never achieve if TR wanted too. Also if he wanted he could out write Kurt if he felt the need to teach him a lesson about how a true music master works.

    He has done it all and him and Dave are two of the best ever. We will never see 2 supreme beings like these 2.