Dave Grohl Convinced Grammys To Honor Lemmy, Performed In An Elevator

Grammys producer Ken Ehrlich has revealed that Dave Grohl convinced him to feature a Lemmy tribute on the Grammys.

“I will confess I didn’t have a lot of Motörhead on my iPad,” Ehrlich told Billboard. “The metalheads have Dave Grohl to thank for that, because when I asked Dave if he would introduce that segment, he said, ‘I’ll do it — if you do something for Lemmy.’”
The Evening Express also recently posted a video of Dave Grohl taking an elevator to a suite at the Grammys, and performing with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band.

  • http://www.cuntcertfy.nut/ Whip

    Honored Lemmy? So was there ANY mention of Scott Weiland? I honestly don’t pay any attention to those kinds of things, but it’d be a damn shame if they didn’t honor his life and music during the same award show that STP earned a trophy from back in their heyday.

    • Corndog

      I was wondering the same thing. I think that generally the Grammys frowns upon alternative lifestyles.

      By alternative i mean getting totally fucked up on a tour bus to the point where you can barely string a sentence together, let along sing a song.

      • This Chic Over Here

        As much as I liked Scott, i thought that was the reason they would forgo a tribute to him as well.

        • burgervan

          He just wasn’t as important as Lemmy. I can’t think of one major band that cites STP as an influence.

          • This Chic Over Here

            In all fairness, Lemmy has a 50 year career behind him, in 50 years some young band may just say STP influenced them. Personally, there is no comparison between Lemmy and Scott!

          • burgervan

            I like STP, but they’re basically just another version of something that already existed. I’m sure they’ve influenced bands and will continue to influence bands, but Lemmy influenced entire genres like punk and thrash metal. I’m not even a big Motorhead fan, but even I can see that, in terms of importance, there’s no comparison.


    I guess that was the best video quality you found…